New adventures, same journey.. tricore video interview part 1!

AH! Okay so two things….

  1. Try new things you guyssss! Like if you’re curious about something new.. a new job a new skill a new ANYTHING just do it. Because let me tell you right now, I’ve always been interested in like “interviewing” people or just sitting down and talking to people to learn about what they know. So when I sat down with Chris from Tricore to “interview” him I had SO much fun. I was SUPER nervous about it but I really loved it, and would love to do more of it with other people!
  2. Chris has SO much knowledge about SO many things. This can benefit a lot of people so I really hope that you guys gain something from watching these videos. To be honest we are both so passionate about health and wellness I feel like we could have chatted for HOURS, BUT ain’t nobody got time for that so we segmented this into three different parts.

Without further adieu… click the link below and get to know a little bit more about Chris, and get to know a little more about nutrition, health, wellness and ALL of the things! Any questions after watching.. leave them in the comments!