There’s a first time for everything. We’ve all heard it a million times- but why are “firsts” so scary? First dates, first days of school or work, your first time at a new gym etc.. The fear of the unknown can even stop people from taking risks, but if you never try- you never know (dang, so many cliché’s already!) For me, I’ve been curious/interested in starting a blog for a while now, but the fear of what people will think, or the fact that I’m DEFINITELY not a professional/creative writer has stopped me for a while. Wellllppp- here we are.. my FIRST blog post. Scary- but exciting… These past couple of months I’ve kind of reached a point where I just don’t give af what people think anymore (or at least not as much….) So if you can handle my typos and bad grammar, my ramblings, and probably some cursing- then welcome!- we can enjoy this ride together! I promise I’ll try and get better each time…

So what should a first blog post include? Not really sure… I guess a small introduction? –this is like that awkward ice breaker on the first day of school that I always hated.. stand up, say your name, where you’re from and one fun fact about you– ugh. WHY do teachers do this!? Anyways. NAME: Alexa, FROM: Naples, Florida born and raised ONE FUN FACT: (even sitting in my office by myself typing this, its still just as awkward as being a freshman in high school)… one fun fact about me is that I recently started a personal training company to inspire and encourage women to get in shape mentally and physically! #shamelessplug. [More about that later.] Maybe i’ll do another post in the future with a little more about me but the short version; I’m 27.. I have an AMAZING 11 month old daughter named Harper, and the most fun husband Stephen. I love all things fitness and food related- and will be posting many different workout ideas and some recipes/food ideas.

SO thanks for joining- and helping me celebrate my first blog post! Hope to see you back here soon!


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