2 months. That’s how long it has been since my last blog post. I could sit here and give a bullet point list of all the reasons why I haven’t written, but for the sake of saving us all some time (and lame excuses) Ill just say this; I simply didn’t make it a priority– and that’s OK! I/we have to be better at accepting things for what they are, and letting that be enough. Let’s ease up on ourselves a little, and instead be proud of all the things that we accomplish… because those little things really do add up to the big things.

A super quick recap of what’s happened in my life in the last 2 months… the holidays came and went (well I guess they haven’t REALLY went yet because our Christmas tree is still up.. no.. not kidding, but its totally fine I’m not secretly dying about it at all and my husband promised me that it’ll be gone soon…..) I OFFICIALLY passed my NASM exam so now I am a certified personal trainer (WOOP WOOP no more studying!) I’m still working full time, and Harper is sassier and cuter than ever.

Now that I no longer have to spend my free time studying, I have more time to prioritize other things like blogging, and working on some fun fitness programs for people and putting out some information content regarding workouts and stuff! I have two online clients now that I’m working with and its been so fun for me to finally start this aspect of my life that I truly feel called to!

So basically I’m re-committing to blogging and chatting with you guys here way more often. If you’ve fallen off track with anything that’s important to you (whether that’s New Years resolutions, fitness goals etc) give yourself a break, re commit and start again! Here’s some photos of what I’ve been up to the last 2 months…

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