Okay, so how many times have you guys planned on going to the gym to get a killer work out in, only to be interrupted by life –you know.. a last minute work project, an unexpected phone call, traffic etc.. and all of a sudden you only have 20 minutes until you have to get your kid from daycare in time to beat rush hour and get home to make dinner? No? Just me? Well, if in the future that ever happens- I’m here to tell you that 20 minutes is all you need! It may not be the killer work out you had planned.. but its always better than nothing.

I recommend keeping 2 things in your car at all times: a mini band (they’re super cheap you can get them here for $10) and a dumbbell (here) If these two things are in your car then you can get your workout-on anywhere! The parking garage at your work, a park, the beach..your options are endless, and your excuses are lame.. so just do it.


Here’s what I did the other day:

20 squats (band around ankles)

lateral walks (10 steps down 10 steps back, band around ankles)

10 single leg Bulgarian squats each leg (I used my truck for my balancing leg)

I did this 5x non stop, and finished with 200 lunges. *200 is a little crazy so if you’re just starting aim for 50-100!*

I hope this gives you guys an idea of what you can do with limited time/equipment!




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