Social Media Realities


Well everyone… I made it to Sunday alive. Which is actually a pretty big deal if you have seen how sick and crazy my child is/has been. If you haven’t.. then just know Harper’s been battling a pretty nasty cold (congestion, cough, low fever.. the whole 9 yards) for about a week. Also know this about my child; she has some seeeerrious ‘tude and her scream can hit a pitch that only dogs should be able to hear. Well long story short, Stephen was out of town for the weekend so it was just me and my sick, screaming child… all. weekend.long.

Yesterday afternoon the only way that she would take a nap was to sleep on top of me–after relentlessly trying to get her in her bed for about an hour I finally gave in. As she was sleeping I took a couple (okay maybe like 20) pictures of her laying on me. I started to post one of them on instagram and without even thinking, I started to type out “I love these sweet moments with my little girl.” Now.. don’t get me wrong- it’s always sweet to have your child cuddle with you.. but what I realized as I was doing this is that it wasn’t genuine. People would look at that picture and read that caption and they would have NO clue that 10 minutes prior, she was crying, screaming bloody murder, snot running down her face… I was crying, yelling at her to stop screaming, with her snot all over my shirt. And that as she was sleeping on me she was a hot sweaty sticky mess, and all I could focus on was the list of things I could have been doing if she napped in her crib (terrible, but its the truth.)

This just made me realize that social media is truly just a highlight reel of peoples’ lives. And  I totally get it.. we want people to always see us in a good light.. as a great mom, loving wife, in great shape etc…But I guess what i’m trying to get at is to tell you guys: try not to compare your reality to everyone else’s highlight reel. Its so easy to look at someones social media and think that their life is perfect- that their kid never freaks out, that their marriage is perfect, or that they’re genetically blessed with 6 pack abs. Keep in mind that social media is a great platform to PROMOTE yourself in whatever way you choose.. but that what you are seeing isn’t necessarily the full story.

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