Who watches This Is Us?? I just started a couple days ago.. is it a give-in that I am going to cry every single episode or does that stop at some point… but holy moly what a great show. If you haven’t started watching it– start. Unless you don’t feel like ugly crying, then definitely do NOT watch it.


Anyways, this week I’ve had some extra un-planned days off (leaving my old job and starting my new one on Monday) so i’ve been able to workout a lot more, and a lot harder than normal. Which has been amazing but I am SO sore today, so i’m taking a much needed rest day. Rest days are SO important.. not only for the obvious physical recovery but also mental recovery. Your brain needs a break just as much as your muscles. It’s easy to get burnt out, bored, or fall off the wagon completely if you never stop and rest. As much as I’m saying this to you guys- i’m also saying it to myself. It’s hard for me to take rest days. I love exercising so much and it’s been such a HUGE part of my life for so long that not doing some type of workout is weird for me, but I also know that I can push myself too hard and end up hurting myself.

Here’s the workout’s I’ve done this week so far:

MONDAY: Park workout. I took Harper to the park in the morning, set my timer for 20 minutes and just did a bunch of random stuff non-stop (box jumps on a bench, burpees, crunches, lunge jumps, pushups, dips etc) it doesn’t need to be complicated, just keep moving!

img_2597 img_2596

TUESDAY: Orange Theory Fitness workout. If you haven’t tried OTF yet, give it a shot— your first class is free and it’s an awesome workout. You’ll run, row and lift some weights- all while watching your heart rate and how many calories you’re burning compared to everyone else in the class, so if you’re competitive like me, it’s fun to push yourself. I ended up burning close to 600 calories and left a sweaty mess which I love.

WEDNESDAY: Gym workout. I did 6 sets of barbell squats, starting with low weight and going up to my last set of 6×105.  4 sets of hip thrusts with 25lb plate, 3 sets of bulgarian squats with 25lbs, and 6 sets of glute/hamstring curls.

Later in the afternoon Stephen got home from work early so we went for a 2.5 mile run.


FRIDAY: Planning on doing Orange Theory again!

Hope you guys have gotten in some great workouts so far, but remember to take breaks too 🙂


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