I don’t think its any secret that athleisure is my jam. 80% of the time I would so much rather throw on cute workout pants and sneakers, than jeans and sandals. I’m a little spoiled though because I worked for lululemon for almost 3 years so my workout-wardrobe is all lululemon stuff that I got with my employee discount. That was almost 3 years ago so a lot of my stuff is starting to get worn out- and i’m looking for new stuff but at a lower price point…but I’m TOTALLY striking out. Any suggestions on brands that look as good as they perform?? Or do I just suck it up and pay for pricey/cute workout gear that I know fits/works well when I sweat?

So I mentioned on my instagram a little while ago that I stopped counting my macros (aka “flexible dieting”) and was just focusing on eating when I’m hungry, and choosing healthy, nutritious foods. I had counted macros on and off for 2 years (started right before my wedding.) For me, tracking macros is something that I believe was initially beneficial for me. I’ve always had a good relationship with food so I never felt the pressure of hitting my numbers 100% of the time, I never got obsessive about it.. but it did help teach me the amount of food that my body needs and also helped teach me about serving sizes/reading labels and looking at the contents of food. I stopped tracking pretty much because after a while, I got a little too flexible, with flexible dieting. I started eating wayyy too many “fun” foods (like doughnuts, bagels and frozen pizza) simply because they fit my macros- not because they were good for me. I felt tired, bloated, my joints hurt more than normal and my skin was dull.

Since i’ve stopped, I’ve absolutely noticed a positive change in my energy levels, my skin and even my performance in the gym. Simple mental changes like noticing if I’m TRULY hungry, or if an emotion is causing me to want food (stress, hormones etc) have made a big difference as well. If you guys are feeling like you’re in a rut with your meals/workout routine, have any questions about flexible dieting/ eating “clean” let me know. I’d love to share more of my personal experiences with you all! Hoping you guys have a great weekend!

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