Well you guys… I officially finished my first week at my new job. Aaaaaand its amazing. It’s truly incredible what surrounding yourself with like-minded people can do for your attitude. At my old job, it just wasn’t what I wanted to wake up and do every day– and it starts to wear down on you.. at least it did for me. After I got my NASM certification, I started looking around to get a job in the fitness industry and luckily, I did. I’m now working at an incredible fitness center in downtown Naples with other people who are just as into working out and eating right as I am. It’s amazing not being the only one eating prepped food out of a tupperware container, haha oh the little things!

I was driving home from work Friday afternoon and started thinking about how I finally got to where I am now… it’s been YEARS you guys.. like 5 whole years. When I graduated college I had ZERO idea of what I wanted to do. Playing college volleyball was literally my main and only focus during those 4 years so once I graduated I moved up to Jacksonville to live with some friends on the beach. I ended up getting an internship at The HIT Center which is an incredible training facility- and was planning on getting my personal training certification at the end… but, life happens and I ended up having to move home to be with family. I’ve worked several jobs since then.. lululemon for 3 years, a jewelry store, a brief stint in Real Estate (which was the worst everrr.. ) and when I got pregnant with Harper I started working in admin at our local hospital. I’ve ALWAYS felt like I was meant for more than working at a desk doing bull crap jobs for someone else.. and I think the shift for me was getting back in shape after Harper. I realized that luckily for me, I knew all the right things to do/eat to get back to pre-baby weight.. but that not all women/moms have those tools… So I started my women only bootcamp on Saturdays- which TOTALLY inspired me to continue with personal training.

So 5 years later and i’ve basically come full circle. Rather than getting mad at myself because it took me this long to finally be doing what I love.. i’m glad for those years.. They’ve taught me things along the way, I’ve made some of my best friends working those jobs, and they’ve all led me back to where I’m at now. Moral of this-longer-than-I-intended story? Don’t stop working towards what YOU want. Pursue what you’re passionate about.

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