Happy Sunday! Sundays are always weird… its like it’s still the weekend and I want to relax or do something fun– but there’s so much to do before Monday. Laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, meal prepping… ugh, so what do I do? Sit on the couch, blog and ignore all adult-like things that need to be done. Solid choice.


(last year^)

This morning I ran the Hooters Half Marathon relay with one of my best friends. We ran it together last year and Harper was only 4 months old.. so to go back this year with her being a ginormous toddler was kind of cool. I always say that I’m not a “runner,” but then I realize that i’ve done 6 half marathons and countless other races.. so I guess thats not too shabby.   I was a little worried though because I haven’t ran for distance in MONTHS! But I actually felt really good during the whole thing! It was the first race i’ve done in a while (or maybe ever…) that felt easy and I actually had fun DURING the race- not just before and after. I totally attribute that to doing 2-3 Orangetheory workouts a week.. it definitely built up my stamina.

I also think a big part of it was my outfit. It sounds kind of silly but I genuinely believe that what you wear (whether its for a race, a regular workout or even out to dinner) plays a huge role. Not only can it make you look good- but it also makes you feel good, and can make or break you in a workout/run. If you’re constantly pulling down your shirt, or pulling up your pants.. thats totally going to get in your head and start messing with you. Good workout gear shouldn’t have to be adjusted at all.. and i’m super thankful to lululemon for letting me try some new stuff for my race today! img_2885

I admit I was SUPER apprehensive about the shorts.. I haven’t put on a pair of spandex shorts since my volleyball career was over.. so to try these spandex guys on was a little weird. Admittedly, i didn’t like them at first. After I walked around the store a little bit, they definitely grew on me enough to give ’em a shot. Thank goodness I did because they were THE BESTTTTTTT!!! I didnt have to fuss or mess with them ONE time during the entire race. My phone stayed in the little side pocket, and was tight enough where it didn’t weigh down my waistband. Truly the best shorts to run in. (Normal running shorts rub me raw and crops are always too hot.. so these are a great solution!) **side note– if you’re shorter, they have a short length.. I’m 5’8″ so the longer ones were better for me** The top was great too! The material has UPF in it so you dont burn on long runs in the Florida heat, and the length was not too long and not too short but kept you cool, and has that super cute lace detail at the bottom! So if you have a local lululemon store definitely check it out! Or click the links here to browse the website!

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