Well hello everyone! Looks like I (unintentionally) took another little hiatus from this blog of mine. I feel like I keep thinking I have nothing to write about- when really I have TONS to say, but I just let it all sit up in my mind for too long, and then its all overwhelming and I don’t know how to sort through it enough for a blog post that would make sense. Make sense? Ha.

Anywhoo.. I was thinking today that I always have some sort of deadline or goal to work towards… something to count down to. I’ve never really trained harder, or been stricter with my eating for “no reason” (I train pretty hard and try to eat well most of the time regardless..) Whether it’s for a beach volleyball tournament in the summer, or an upcoming half marathon..having a deadline to work towards is something that encourages me and keeps me going on hard days. If I don’t feel like lifting weights, or logging miles- I open up my little countdown app on my phone and see how many days I have until my deadline and it always pushes me to workout harder, or eat a little better. Currently- I’m counting down until my boxing certification at the end of may (1 month and 29 days from now.) It’s an 8-10 hour certification course where I’ll basically be boxing/exercising the entire day, so I definitely want to show up in shape and ready! When I start to feel like my gym routine is getting stale, and/or I’m getting bored (it happens to everyone at some point!) I’ll start looking for my next goal, or what I want to sign up for next!

So my advice to you is to find something to count down to. Sign up for something fun and new. Find a local 5k, or join a sports league. Do something with a deadline to keep you accountable. Find a friend who will join you, whatever it takes. Make fitness fun again!!

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