Supplements and Standards.

Happy Friday everyone! We made it!! I actually feel like this week flew by since I’m loving my new job. I have 2 clients so far (which is pretty great considering I’ve only been there about a month!) so it’s been so fun designing workouts for their very different goals/needs. 

So I want to talk to you guys a little bit about supplements, and standards (alliteration for the win!) Supplements are NOT necessary to be successful in the gym– they’re supposed to be complimentary to your diet, not your main source of protein, or whatever vitamin/mineral you’re interested in taking. There are SO many companies out there trying to sell you on the idea that you won’t gain muscle or burn fat unless you take their product. Let me tell you… if you HAVE to rely on a product to be successful- you’re doing it wrong. What happens if that product suddenly goes away? Do you still have the tools to be successful? Do you know what foods to eat or what exercises to do? I recently had a company reach out to me about becoming sponsored for their products (whey protein, creatine, pre workout etc) I admit it was super flattering to be considered, and almost blinded me to some of the facts. I won’t say what the company is but after doing some research, I wasn’t thrilled with some of the ingredients they used, but I especially didn’t like how they marketed the products (like you NEEDED them to be successful.) I declined the opportunity. Would being sponsored be cool? Heck yeah! And I’d of course love to be sponsored one day, but this just wasn’t the right fit for me. 

Research what you are going to be putting in your body, don’t just take something because a company has you convinced your going to drop 10 lbs by way of their product. I personally use and trust PEScience products. I currently only use their whey protein (snickerdoodle is seriously amaaaazing) and their Amino IV (bcaa’s.) if you guys have more questions about supplements I would definitely check out their website, or do some google-ing. Keep your standards for yourselves high, you guys.. if you won’t, who will? 

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