Workout Naked

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to workout naked? I honestly never thought about it until recently. Enter: Nulux. lululemon’s newest line of workout gear that is honestly like working out naked. The material is silky soft, dries SO fast after a sweaty workout, and is so light you will NEVER have to fuss with your clothes while getting your sweat on.


My husband got me the tights before I started my new job a couple months ago and honestly, if wearing the same pair of pants every single day was socially acceptable, I TOTALLY would. I am obsessed with the high rise, and love the little reflective detailing on the bottom to give a basic pair of black tights a little detail. Another amazing feature is that these have deep side pockets! The only thing, is that since the material is so light, i don’t advise throwing your phone7+ in there if you’re going to be running or jumping since they will probably be weighed down, but any other workout should be totally fine. They now have 2 different lengths (a full length tight, and a crop) and a couple different color/pattern options too!


Now imagine my excitement when a friend texted me and said that they expanded the nulux line into sports bras also! I pretty much couldn’t get to the store fast enough. When I tried the bra on, at first I was a little hesitant. I couldn’t tell if I needed to go down a size or keep my original size because it truly felt like I wasn’t even wearing a bra so I couldn’t tell if I was supported enough. I almost didn’t even get it! Ah! Sooo glad I did.(I got my original size btw.) I wore it today for a HIIT workout and some lower body lifting and it was (of course) great. I felt supported, but also SO comfortable. I never once had to adjust the straps, or pull the band down to re-adjust. Kinda unheard of, amiright girls??!


You guys definitely need to go check this stuff out. lululemon is changing the workout game with this amazing cloud-like fabric and its one of those things you need to feel to believe. Trrrrrrust me.


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