Vacation mode. 

How was everyone’s weekend?? Hopefully you don’t have a case of the Mondays and are ready to tackle the week! I’m actively trying to be better about not being a downer on Mondays. It seems like almost a trend to hate on Mondays. Why do we do this? Mondays are a clean slate and a new chance to work hard during the week! So lets be excited for Mondays instead of hating on them…k?

This weekend we went up to Anna Maria Island on Saturday to visit some of Stephens friends who were in town from Ohio. I have never been to AMI before but ohhhhhh my goodness it is the cutest little island beach town ever! Everything is local, I didn’t see one chain restaurant or store. All of the houses are super beachy colors, everyone is cruising around on bikes or sitting outside. Saturday when we got there we spent most of the time at the pool (which Harper loved) and then we zipped around on a golf cart to check out the island. We ended up eating at a little place called the Ugly Grouper– (I got a grilled mahi sandwich and sweet potato fries) , and getting iced coffee at the Island Coffee Haus which was delicious.

After more golf cart riding we headed back to the condos we were staying at and hung by the pool some more. Then Stephens friends’ parents offered to stay and hang in our room while Harper and our friends little baby slept so we could all go out (so nice of them!) so we went to dinner at this place called Lobstahs— the drinks were better than the food, I wouldn’t recommend eating there.. I got wings and they were fine but everyone else wasn’t very happy with their food. Then we went to a local bar called DCoy Ducks which was so fun!! I drank a little more than I planned but there was a fun little reggae band playing and we NEVER get to see our friends so we just had a good time. Sidenote: toddlers dont care what time you went to bed, or how many drinks you’ve had… they still wake up at 5:59am ready to party.

So Sunday morning we were awake before all of our friends so we drove and got more iced coffee at the Island Coffee Haus and took Harper for a wagon ride around the island. Once everyone was awake we all took the golf cart to the Donut Experiment– which is what I was waiting for all weekend! They make homemade donuts and you fill out a card with the icing and topping combos you want. Ohmylordddd it was amazing! They came out warm and gooey and definitely lived up to the hype! My favorite was the fruity pebble with vanilla icing. We all played donut graveyard where you all take bites of each one so you can try them all. After donuts we rode down to meet the rest of our friends at a breakfast place right on the beach which was really fun- so I got an omelet and Harper got to run and roll around in the sand. We headed back to the condos and while Harper napped Stephen and I laid by the pool with our friends before we packed up and headed home.

Going on a vacation with a super active toddler always kind of made me anxious but Harper did so great going with the flow and she absolutely LOVED riding in the golf cart, swimming and being outside all day so it was totally worth it. Not to mention we got to see some of our best friends that we don’t see often. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely was asleep by 9 since I was so exhausted but we got to make some great memories in one of the cutest towns that I can’t wait to get back to!!! If you get the chance, definitely go check out Anna Maria Island!

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