Weekend warriors.

Hello friends! I hope everyone’s having a great week! If you aren’t… only one more day til Friday and then you can enjoy the weekend.. so suck it up until then! Just kidding.. but for real- we’re so close! I wanna chat a little bit about weekends, and being a “weekend warrior.” I know that the Monday through Friday grind can get the best of us. Especially if you work a 9-5 job, its hard to make it to the gym- I totally get it. I used to work that 9-5 type of desk job where at the end of a long day the last thing you can think about is changing your clothes, and driving to a gym… so you’ll just workout on the weekend and it’ll be fine.. right? While yes, its still great that you’re working out on the weekends.. but if you ONLY work out on the weekends, are you really doing enough to reach your goals? Probably not.. Also- these so called “weekend warriors” tend to push themselves SO hard to make up for their lack of activity during the week, that they can actually injure themselves (which would suck because then you cant workout for even longer!) My advice: try and set a goal to workout AT LEAST 2x during the week, in addition to your weekend workouts. Regardless of what it is, a workout in a gym, or a long walk at your local park- any kind of movement is better than nothing at all. Keep in mind that you can also workout in your living room at home for 30 minutes a day either before work or after.

The other kind of weekend warrior, is the one who eats GREAT all week long, and then all of a sudden the weekend comes and they deserve to eat whatever they want. First off, props to you for making your nutrition a priority all week long. That’s not easy no matter where you work. But let me put something in perspective for you. If, for example you eat 1800 calories of healthy nutritious food during the Monday through Friday work week.. and then go crazy and eat 3500 calories on Saturday and Sunday- your week average is 2300 calories. 500 calories difference might not seem like much, but in one month that’s 2,000 extra calories, and in one year that’s 24,000 extra, unnecessary calories that will totally sabotage your goals. 

So as always… get up, get moving and please let me know if you need any workout ideas or help in any way! Ps I’m attaching some pictures from last Easter weekend because my kid is too cute not to, and because I can 🙂


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