Fast Food.

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a wonderful day so far. Harper woke up earlier than normal, I spent half of the morning thinking it was Wednesday, and literally had a staring contest with a bird as it did its business on my car… so there’s that. But that’s okay, nothing some coffee cant fix.. because coffee can fix everything.

So if you follow me on Instagram (which you probably do or else you wouldn’t be here reading this) you’ve probably seen me post a meal or two that I’ve meal prepped. I meal prep every single week. Usually the same couple of things just because it’s easy and I know it tastes good and is easy to make (why try and re-invent the wheel, amirite?) I totally think that meal prepping is something that everyone should learn- especially us busy moms. However, there are DEFINITELY times where I either don’t feel like making my weekly Costco run, or all of a sudden Sunday night comes and I’ve fallen asleep on the couch by 8:30 (this is a judgment free zone btw so no judging me!) I’ve looked into some meal prep delivery services for several months now. The meals look good, they’re relatively inexpensive but then when you go to check out they hit you smack in the face with a $70 shipping charge. Sorry but no. Not happening.

The other day before going to Orange Theory, I stopped in my favorite local supplement store Nutrition Elite (which, if you haven’t been here yet and you’re local– get your butt in there.. its the best place for any/all supplements and Patrick is THE nicest)  to stock up on some of my favorite protein bars. I started talking with Patrick and come to find out– they started doing prepped meals! Boom!! So I looked through the fridge and decided on trying 3 of them to see how I liked them. I got the chicken marsala with brown rice pasta and peas, the turkey chili with zucchini cornbread, and the steak fajita bowl. I would review each of them individually, but i’d end up saying the same thing over and over again— because they were all fantastic! I The meat was all moist (I really hate that word, but is there anything better to describe it? If so let me know asap) everything was seasoned really well, and the portion sizes were great- I was really full after each one. The zucchini cornbread was NOT dry and crumbly like I had expected it to be and the chili had a subtle smoky flavor with a little bit of spice. I was especially nervous about the steak fajita bowl– idk, i’m weird about steak and if it isn’t super fresh it kind of freaks me out.. but I bought these meals last Friday.. and today is Tuesday (not Wednesday…) and it still tasted fresh and was cut thin enough where it wasn’t chewy or anything sketchy like that. All of their ingredients are clean and simple to keep your nutrition on track.. and they put them all on the label as well as the macros for each meal (which is awesome.) I do think they’re a little on the pricey side ($10 per meal) but like I said, if you’re in a jam.. I think its worth it.

Moral of the story… if you guys find yourself in a bind and can’t get your meal prepping done.. DEFINITELY run into Nutrition Elite and grab yourself a meal or two so that you don’t find yourself in a fast food drive through. (They don’t have a website but they have a Facebook page) I know I’ll be back for more! Probably today actually.. but that’s besides the point đŸ™‚

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