Goal Getter

Happy Tuesday y’all! (I actually don’t say “y’all” in real life but I totally wish I did..) I posted on instagram the other day a little blurb about goal setting.. if you missed it, I said “I hope whatever you do this week brings you joy, if not.. I hope you are taking small steps to bring you closer to your goals. Whether its a new career path, goals to get better in the gym, or a new hobby. Write down your ultimate goal(s) and then write down small things you can do each week to get there. It took me 6 years after college to finally get to my dream career, so never stop. Never give up!” I want to expand just a little about goal setting, and give you guys some tips to help you.

When I worked at lululemon several years ago they have every new employee fill out a vision and goals sheet. Basically you sit down, and envision your life 10 years from now. What are you doing? Where are you? What is your day like.. who is with you? Those kinds of things. At the time, I was 22 years old and the whole thing seemed so silly to me. 10 years from now? Pshh.. that’ll never happen.. WELLP it’s now 5 years later and i’m wishing I had taken that exercise a little bit more seriously, because now here I am telling you guys to do the same. Sit down in a quiet space.. close your eyes and really take some time to think about yourself in 10 years, and write it all down–There’s TONS of printable goal setting sheets online or on pinterest. Then write out 3 goals (could be personal, career, financial, whatever you choose) for 10 years from now and work backwards to 5 years from now, and then 1 year from now. Take your 1 year goals, and break them down… what can you be doing each and every month/week/day to move you closer? For example.. one of my ultimate goals was becoming a full time personal trainer. I broke that down into studying for at least 30 minutes, 4 days a week (minimum) to pass my exam. It took 7 months but guess what… each day of studying lead to me passing my test, which then lead to me getting hired as a full time personal trainer.

Goals are so important, you guys… they can inspire you, they can push you, and they can give you such a sense of joy when you finally achieve them. If you don’t know what you want your goals to be- that’s okay! Take some time and just think about what you love, and whats important to you a little bit each day and I promise it’ll start coming to you! Also keep in mind that no goal is too small, and no goal is too silly. You want to eat better? #goal.. You want to exercise more? #goal.. you want to volunteer one day a week? #goal… there’s no limits.. so get out there and start crushing some goals!!!!

**P.S– it helps if you post your goals somewhere you can see them every day.. cause outta sight outta mind, ya know?

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