Back in action.

img_4371.pngWell hello everyone! I’m baaaaack after a 2 month hiatus from blogging. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinkin’ boutcha… to be honest I’ve thought about blogging almost every day but just couldn’t get myself to the keyboard. It was probably a lot of things that kept me from posting- but I think, if i’m going to be honest, the most prominent was letting thoughts like “are people even reading this?” hold me back. Rather than doing it because I enjoy it, I started to let the fear of what other people think hold me back. And that sucks… I guess that’s normal in this “how many likes did I get”–social media day and age, but I’ve decided to focus on blogging because I love it- and if other people love it along the way then that’s cool too. SO I guess that means I could potentially be talking to myself sometimes… but I’m cool with that.
Anywhoo… not too much has gone on in the last 2 months so I’ll do a quick recap! I’m still obsessed with my personal training job… I got certified to teach boxing through Box n Burn in Orlando– i’ll do a whole post in the future about this because it was one of those life changing moments for me. I just got back from a trip to New Jersey with my mom, sister and Harper to see family… and today I just started the Whole30– which i’ll be doing plenty of posting on! For the future, you can expect probably 2-3 posts a week: a motivational Monday post, an at-home workout Wednesday post, and a random ramble post… but I do reserve the right to post more or less.. because after all- this is my blog, right?! This week is a little goofy since I’ve been off work since last Friday, yesterday was a holiday and so today naturally feels like a Monday– but it’s Wednesday… and I don’t hate that one bit! 3 day work week? Yes please! So today i’ll share a workout you can do at home with no equipment!

Workout Ladder! (you start doing 1 rep of each move, then 2, then 3.. all the way up to 10, and then back down to 1)

  • Curtsy squats (each leg)
  • burpees
  • pushups
  • Russian twists (each side)

I’ll chat with you guys later this week about what it is, and why I chose to do it!

Happy Wednesday!


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