Motivation Monday/ Recap

Happy Monday everyone! Dang this weekend went by fast..amirite?! And is it just me.. or does this happen to you guys too– when I get to work on Monday and co-workers ask how my weekend was.. I IMMEDIATELY forget everything I did! It’s like Monday amnesia or something. I don’t know.. maybe its just me.. but anywhoooo

I know that Mondays are usually such a downer for people.. but I just want to remind you that Mondays can be awesome! It’s all about perspective and attitude. If you go into the week thinking it’s going to suck.. guess what, it’s gunna suck! If you view Monday as an opportunity to have 5 whole days to be successful (whether that’s at work, with your workouts, or your nutrition) then eventually you’ll stop hating Mondays. I personally love Mondays—but I also love my job, my co-workers and my clients, which makes a big difference.

So this Monday marks 1 week since I got back from my trip to New Jersey with my mom, sister and Harper. I had been SO looking forward to this trip for so long. My mom’s whole family lives in Jersey and I grew up going there. It’s a special thing to bring your daughter back to see your grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins and to stay in the home where HER grandma grew up. We don’t get to see this side of our family often so we were very excited for a girls trip…

Lets just say this… it was AMAZING to spend time with family… but traveling with a toddler is not something I want to do again ANYTIME in my near future. You guys. I’m slightly traumatized.. (probably why its taken me this long to write/talk about it) Long story short.. on the plane ride there, Harper spilled applesauce ALLLLL over herself 10 minutes into the flight. Of course I didn’t have a change of clothes because they made me check my bag at the last second and I didn’t think to grab one #momfail.. so she was just wearing shorts.. then midflight, she wanted to run around the plane- but the seat belt sign was on, and so she got so upset that she couldn’t move, (plus being overtired from a 3am wakeup) she LOSTTTTT her dang mind. She started screaming at the top of her lungs, kicking, arching her back, throwing everything around her.. for a solid 20 minutes. She just couldn’t calm down. It’s one thing when she throws a tantrum in the comfort of our own home… but stuck on a plane, with 100 people staring at you, watching to see what you’re going to do to comfort your child.. is EXTREMELY nerve-wracking. She was crying, I was crying, my mom started crying.. it was a mess. Mind you- we still had an hour and a half left of our flight. The flight attendant tried helping, offering toys which Harper knocked outta her hands, a little boy in the back of the plane came up and offered her a lollipop.. she knocked that away too. She was in rare form. Eventually (20mins, which felt like an hour) later, she calmed down and was fine the rest of the flight. We got off the plane and immediately had to run into the closest bookstore and get her an I LOVE NY t-shirt so we weren’t carrying a naked toddler to baggage claim. Sorry guys.. I guess that story wasn’t so short, but I had to give you the full effect of how bad it was. And then of course the rest of my trip I had such anxiety about the plane ride home (which she was actually awesome on, because she was able to run up and down the aisles, and she hung in the back flight attendants cabin and made some new friends.. thanks United!)

The actual trip was so fun though, we went shopping, had a barbecue, went to dinners, and seeing my daughter play with her great-grandparents, and with my cousin’s two kids- are memories that i’ll never forget. I also got to spend some quality time with my sister which is always fun 🙂

Sorry this was so long you guys! I also recognize that if you like grammar then you probably hate reading my blog haha! Cant wait to chat with you guys on Wednesday about my 1st week of Whole30!

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