Week 1 of my Whole30, and why I hate sugar.

7 days. I have officially made it 7 days with no cream in my coffee. Yep.. so far that’s really been the hardest part for me. (My typical starbucks order: venti iced coffee, 2 pumps hazelnut, cream– and i’d add 2 truvia packets.) Holy sugar attack right? At the time I thought nothing of it… now i’m like wtfffff. So if you haven’t read why I’m doing the Whole30, read my last post, because it isn’t about weight loss for me– its more about overrall health and good eating habits.

So to recap my first week, i’d say it’s been eye opening for sure. The whole30 website gives a timeline for how you might be feeling on certain days.. tired, cranky, etc… I don’t think I really followed that timeline but my hub did to a tee. The first day was a breeze.. before starting I purchased Real Plans– which took alot of the guesswork out of it. You sign up for Real Plans, click on the “whole30” option, and tell them how many people you cook for, how many meals per week (breakfast, lunch, dinner) you want to cook.. and it automates a weekly schedule with meals to make on certain days. You can move around, delete, edit any of the recipes you choose- and once you’ve got it sorted to your liking- it gives you a full grocery shopping list that you can check off on your phone as you go. It’s kind of like the holy grail of meal prepping. I mean.. you still have to actually cook the food yourself (what a crazy concept) but it keeps the meals interesting so you aren’t dying of boredom from chicken and veggies.

So truly– the hardest thing about day 1 was my coffee. I sucked it up and moved on.. (go me.) Throughout this week it’s been very interesting to see how many mindless eating habits I’ve picked up. Like eating 5 wintergreen mints just because I walk past them in my boss’s office every day.. or eating 3 pieces of dark chocolate after lunch.. or snacking after dinner while watching t.v on a whole pint of Halo Top– even things like chewing on gum, just to be chewing on something. Harper’s also obsessed with trying to feed me her food- so I had to make a game out of saying no to her animal crackers that I would have previously ate.

Days 1-3 I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30. The third day I did wake up with a mild headache (probably from not eating sugar in any form) but it wasn’t terrible and I didn’t even notice it after 9am. I also noticed that by day 3- I wasn’t eating as often as I was previously. I used to HAVE to eat every 2 hours because I was starving- which also had me ALWAYS thinking about food.. what i’d eat next.. what my next snack would be etc… The Whole30 says to eat larger meals and incorporate a healthy fat so that you can go longer between meals- and it’s definitely been working. I don’t find myself digging through my gym bag praying there’s a protein bar in there or else i’ll starve.

Day 4 was great for me… not so great for my husband. I did 2 tough workouts and felt amazing, and came home to him arguing with a Mickey Mouse clubhouse episode because it “didn’t make sense.” Poor guy.

Day 5 was tough because it was a Sunday, and Stephen and I got to have a little “date-day” while my mom watched Harper. We went to the beach, but got rained out after like 7 minutes.. so with 2 hours to ourselves.. all we could think to do were things we couldn’t… like go get ice cream, go to a movie and get popcorn/snacks.. go get a beer somewhere etc. We ended up running into Trader Joes to get a compliant beef jerky stick, and went to get coffee (with almond milk.. blegh.)

***One other observation that actually kind of makes me angry– is how much sugar is snuck into EVERYTHING!!! Sauces, dressings, MEAT, it’s everywhere! No wonder people get so hooked on sugar.. because they can’t avoid it!! I went to Whole Foods the other day to pick up some pre-cooked protein, and almost couldnt find anything compliant because literally the THIRD ingredient was sugar. WHY?! Why do I need sugar in my chicken!?!***

Overall I feel amazing.. my body is less stiff/achy in the mornings, i’m fuller longer.. I have SO much energy (stayed up til 10:30 last night.. who am I!?) and it’s empowering to know that you’re making good decisions for your health/body with the foods you’re eating. It’s also interesting to see how many bad food habits I had and didn’t even realize.  I’m also down 4 pounds (they tell you not to weigh yourself after you start.. woops) and even though I’m not in it for weight loss, I think I look less “bloaty.”— because bloaty is a word… right?

Now.. I also understand that I’m only on day 7 and have 23 more days to go– and those days can (and probably will) get a lot harder.. especially with my 10 year high school reunion on Saturday (at a pizza/beer restaurant…) but for now, I’m enjoying the success, and the lessons I’ve been learning. Here are some pictures of typical meals I’ve been enjoying this week:

4 thoughts on “Week 1 of my Whole30, and why I hate sugar.

  1. Julia says:

    Congrats on getting through your first week! I think that’s definitely the most difficult. You’re SO right about sugar in EVERYTHING – including meat. Why in the world does chicken or ground beef need sugar added?! That’s also been the most eye opening thing in my experience. How are you doing with making only 3 meals work? Do you find yourself still needed to snack at all?
    Your meals look great! However, the Tessamae’s Honey Balsamic is compliant 😦 anything with added sugar – natural or artificial, including honey, agave, etc. 😦

    That Real Plans service looks really useful, I’ll check it out!


    • alexamassie says:

      Hi julia! Thanks for commenting 😊so far three larger meals has worked out perfectly! I do have a snack either before or after my workout (sometimes both) depending on how hard it is.. but nowhere near how much I used to snack before! Oh shoot!!! To be honest I just thought all tessemae’s was complaint.. I only used it once and a small amount but won’t use it again– thanks for the heads up!


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