Fun free Friday workout.

Happy Friday beautiful people!! I coulda sworn it was just Tuesday- but hey- you won’t hear me complaining! Does anyone watch Real Housewives of OC? I try not to but of course the ridiculous drama always sucks me right in… I just can’t believe these people consider themselves friends! I would NEVER want friends who talk so much crap about me behind my back…. these grown ass women act like they’re kids in high school with all their catty comments and dramatic eye rolls… I seriously cant stand it. But i’ll probably watch it again next week.. damn you Bravo… **insert lesson about surrounding yourself with people who lift you up and dont bring you down**

SPEEAAAKINGGGG of high school… my 10 year reunion is tomorrow!! I honestly can’t believe its been 10 years since I graduated. I have so many amazing memories from high school (and obviously some not so great) and I’m still friends with several people. It’ll be fun to re-connect with people and see what everyone’s up to! I dont get why people hate on reunions so much.. if you seriously dread it that much… dont go! Pretty simple if you ask me.


ANYWAYS.. here’s a workout that you guys can try this weekend. I made my bootcamp class do this last week and I think they hated me (just for 40 minutes then they liked me again:)

ALPHABET: spell out your FULL name (first middle last) with the exercises next to each letter. Set a timer for 40 minutes and keep going until time’s up!

a-100 high knees               i- 30 jump lunges                q- 30 crunches              y- 10 crunches

b- 20 crunches                   j- 15 reverse crunch           r- 15 pushups               z- 20 pushups

c- 30 jump squats            k- 15 pushups                        s- 15 burpees

d- 20 pushups                   l- 2 minute wall sit              t- 15 squat jumps

e- 1 minute wall sit         m- 15 burpees                     u- 10 sprints

f- 15 burpees                     n- 15 burpees                     v- 2 minute wall sit

g- 10 sprints                     0- 20 jump lunges               w- 10 burpees

h-20 squat jumps           p- 10 sprints                         x- 30 squat jumps


If you guys try it out– leave me a comment and let me know how it went!

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