Week 2 of my Whole 30, and my favorite compliant brands so far.

Day 17! I’m more than halfway through my Whole30. If you guys read my last post I really hope that by me sharing my struggle/fail.. whatever you want to call it.. that it either made you feel like you weren’t alone, or helped you push forward through tough parts of whatever you’re going through. Social media is a high-light reel and I want to be as transparent and honest as possible with you guys so you never feel alone.

I want to share with you guys some brands/meal ideas that have been absolute life savors for me and whether you’re on whole30 or not, these are some great snacks to keep in your gym bag.. or meals to cook for yourself/your family.

First off: this little egg cooker. Holy crap. Since doing the Whole30 I’ve never eaten more eggs in my life. I have some for breakfast, and then I also have them as either a pre or post workout snack. Hard-boiled eggs were never my fav.. the yolk was always so disgusting to me but ever since we got this handy little gadget— it gives you the option of soft, medium and hard boiled eggs!! Let me just tell you… medium boiled eggs are my jam. The texture and flavor of the yolk is SOO much better than hard boiled…#fact.

I’ve also been putting salt on everyythanggg. And no.. before you freak out I haven’t retained water or bloat from all the sodium (Himalayan salt isn’t processed like regular table salt.) Any brand will do but this is what I use.

Tessemaes dressings are also the bomb dot com.. They’ve got 9 Whole30 approved dressings/marinades, and also these fun little snack packs that I haven’t tried yet but am hoping to soon! My favorite so far is the creamy ranch, and I’m dying to try the buffalo sauce. They’ve also got to-go dressing packs to throw in your purse for if you go out to eat and bring your own dressing… which is a little less embarrassing than bringing the whole bottle, like I’ve been doing..

Primal Kitchen mayo has also been a staple for me. Their regular is good- but my favorite is the chipotle. Their mayos are made with avocado oil and cage free eggs, so they’re DEFINITELY a better alternative than regular mayonnaise. I take a small spoonful of the chipotle mayo and mix it in with shredded chicken all the time… SO fricken good. They also have dressings, but I haven’t tried them yet!

Chomps beef sticks. My absolute go-to during these last 17 days. When I heard that they are whole30 compliant I definitely wanted to try them, but was hesitant because I actually really dislike beef jerky. It always reminds me of a roof shingle (is that weird?) I don’t like the texture, I never like the flavor and it just weirds me out. SO when I saw that they sell them at Trader Joes I went and bought ONE single stick… because I was planning on not liking it. I got in my car, opened it up as I was driving away– and IMMEDIATELY turned around to buy more. They are SOO good you guys!! The flavor is amazing, the texture is NOT weird at all.. and its 100% grassfed beef, with no fillers or weird additives! If you haven’t seen on instagram.. they actually made me an ambassador and gave me a discount code for you guys! So when you go to their website, when you check out enter ALEXAMASSIE and you get 10% off!! How amazing is that?!

As far as meal ideas go… don’t over complicate things. You don’t need to be an all star chef to make whole30 compliant meals. Pick a protein, pick a vegetable, and pick a fat, combine them all on a plate- and enjoy! My meals are always really simple, but by adding things like tessemaes dressings, or primal kitchen mayo.. you can keep things different and that way you don’t get bored!!

I hope this helps you guys if you’re considering doing the Whole30 or even if you just want better choices for some things that you’re already incorporating into your daily meals!!

 *What are some of your go-to brands for completing a whole30?*

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