Baby talk, and switching up your workout routine.

So how was everyone’s weekend?? I personally had a great one. Harper was in such a great mood all weekend so that definitely set the tone for the rest of us. (If shes cranky, we’re usually cranky as well.) I had a good friend’s baby shower on Saturday which was the absolute cutest fricken shower ever- and I got to hang out with some old friends from high school, and then my other good friend and her little baby boy was in town so I got to see them on Sunday. A weekend full of babies is my kind of weekend!!

ALSO I got a new car.. so that didn’t suck either! I got the 2017 Chevy Traverse which is amazing and i’m totally obsessed with it. It will be the perfect size for when we have baby #2. Wow. So much baby talk already this morning!! If you don’t like kids then I guess you hate this post so far!

Ok no more baby talk I promise. So last week I tried reformer pilates for the first time ever. In my search for “healing” my body and its hormonal issues (i.e doing Whole30) I also realized that the type of exercise that I’m used to doing (heavy weights, boxing, bootcamps, HIIT, spinning) and doing that every single day, might be causing an extra stressor on my body. I decided I wanted to try and soften my approach a little bit, by mixing in things like pilates and yoga. Ive done yoga in the past, and I like it OK.. but it’s not my favorite. One of the trainers where I work is a pilates instructor so I asked if we could do it once a week and she agreed. I LOVED it. We did about 45 minutes of it (all basic stuff since I’ve never done it before) It was NO impact, but still strengthening- and also lengthening.. HOLYYY crap am I tight/unflexible. My shoulders/abs/triceps were definitely sore the next day. It’s a lot different than what I’m used to, i’ll admit it was strange walking out and not being drenched in sweat.. but I think it will be good for me to incorporate once or twice a week. I’m doing it again on Wednesday so I’ll try and get some photos/videos of the exercises. I encourage you guys to listen to your bodies as well– if you start to ache/hurt more than not.. switch things up. experiment with what feels good.

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