Week 3 of my Whole30.

Its the fiiiinallll countdownnnn! In 7 days i’ll have finished my whole30. Sometimes I call it my Whole29.5 since I had pizza that one day, but whatever. That’s a lot of days without dairy.. without processed carbs, without sugar… and let me tell you what… I don’t really miss it that much! I’ve come to loveeee my coffee with almond milk, my veggies, my sparkling water.. and more than the foods I’ve been eating.. I’ve come to LOVE how my body feels. I saw something online that said “we’ve all come so far from knowing how our body is SUPPOSED to feel”- and I think that’s so true! We aren’t supposed to feel tired ALL the time, we aren’t supposed to feel hungry every hour, we aren’t supposed to feel achy, or bloated, as women we aren’t supposed to skip 3 months in between cycles (which btw, I actually got mine again so hallelujah!)

Right now, on day 22 I have more energy than I’ve had in a LONGGG time. I wake up earlier (which actually kind of sucks because I woke up early before haha) I stay up way later than I used to, I’m killing my workouts, my clothes fit better, my body image is better.. So do I miss pasta and pizza? Yeah sometimes, but for right now- the pros of eating this way definitely outweigh the cons. Also if pizza made me that sick after 12 days, then it will probably be way worse next time.

What I am going to do though, is come up with a plan for what I want to keep being strict on, and what I will be more lax with after these last 7 days. For example, dairy seems like it really causes me problems, so I’ll stay away from cheese/milk/cream. Sugar isn’t really a problem for me- in the sense that if my barbecue sauce for chicken contains sugar- It wont send me spiraling off the deep end and landing in a pool of chocolate cake and cookies. I will definitely keep other sugary sweets to a bare minimum, and see how my body responds to gluten free carbs for the times I want some toast with my eggs in the morning. I will be way more mindful and in tune with how my body is feeling, and now I have the tools to return to if I need a reset.

If any of you guys are struggling with how your feeling, in ANY way.. I would highly recommend doing a Whole30. It truly teaches you to connect with your body and your food habits on a deeper level. Next week, my final whole30 post will include a bunch of tips/tricks on how to be successful with it (Btw, I still consider mine to be successful even though I did mess up once)


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