No equipment workout & on sale fitness gear

Happy Friday everyone! There’s just something magical about Friday, at least for me there is. Knowing I get two whole days with my favorite people (my hub and my kiddo) is just so exciting! Don’t get me wrong I honestly do love being a working mom, and I think being in school is SO beneficial and good for Harps, but there is NOTHING I love more than spending time with her. And in like 2 weeks I get a FULL week of time with her! My gym is closed for renovations, and then Stephen is taking me on a birthday trip to Anna Maria Island (with us and both of our moms) which after last trip, has become my favorite place ever! So I am SUPER pumped about that… if you guys have ever been there, hit me with all of your favorite things to do/see/eat because I wanna do it all! We’re there for 4 days!

I wanted to share some on-sale fitness gear I found that you all may be interested in! Sometimes the only motivation you need to get to the gym is a new cute outfit or new sneaks!

This shirt (did a post on it here)

This super cute sports bra

For the men in your life, my husband loves these shorts

And these sneakers… super cute and LOVE the color!!

Also here’s an at home workout you guys can do this weekend with no equipment necessary! Let me know if you guys try it out!

5 rounds:

20 mountain climbers (each.. so 40 total)

20 pop squats

10 wide push-ups

20 jackknife crunches

5 tuck jumps


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