Tips and tricks to be successful with your Whole30.

Wellppp. As of tomorrow (I think..i honestly get confused when my 30 days is over haha) I am DONE with Whole30! Except that I’m actually not done.. I’m truly just starting. 30 days is a long time- that’s for sure. There’s a lot of hard work, and lessons learned in those 30 days. But in the GRAND scheme of things.. 30 days is nothing. I’m only 27 years old… I’ve got A LOT of life to live, and A LOT of food to eat. I want to be sure that I am fueling my body with the food that it needs to live my healthiest, longest life possible. My biggest motivator is obviously my daughter, and I want to be around, running, jumping and playing with her for as long as I can. Does this mean I’m NEVER going to have a slice of pizza, or a glass of wine? Of course not. The Whole30 isn’t meant to be a life long “diet” Its truest purpose is to reset your body, and allow you to figure out what, if anything you’re body doesn’t tolerate well, and allow you to make the choice of what you want YOUR “food freedom” to be. Whether that’s continuing to be dairy free, adding gluten/grains back in, or having an occasional cookie without any guilt… it’s your life and ultimately YOU decide.

Things that this program has taught me:

My hormones were DEFINITELY out of balance pre-whole30. There’s no way I should have been hungry every single hour, eating up to 6 small meals a day. Now, I eat 3 large meals, and a post-workout snack and am completely fine in between. I also lost 6.5 pounds (that was NOT my objective FYI) my skin is visibly brighter, and my joints ache WAY less than before.

Sugar really can be a true addiction without you even recognizing it. It also doesn’t help that it’s in EVERYTHING. Having to read labels so thoroughly on this program, you can see how SO many companies sneak sugar into foods that you eat every single day (I mean COME ON, does my breakfast sausage really need sugar???)

I also learned how much I associate food with feelings. Celebrating something? Lets go eat/drink. Did something good at work? Lets order takeout… Feeling sad?-where’s the ice cream? Food is meant to fuel us, not mask or elevate our feelings.

I also learned how much CRAP I was eating thinking that I was being “healthy.” Coming from a background in counting macros- I started eating “fake” foods, or protein-filled ANYTHING just because they fit my macros.. now looking at the ingredients– no wonder I was feeling so shitty.. there’s literally no actual FOOD in there!

**For the sake of this post NOT being 10 pages long, I’ll end that there.. but PLEASE contact me if you want to know more about my experience**

Tips/tricks I recommend before, during and after your Whole30:

BEFORE: Do your research. Spend as much time as you can on their website reading about WHY people do this program, and the science behind it. Also spend some time recognizing, and internalizing why YOU want to complete this program. There’s no “wrong” reason.. but I think it’s important to have that motivation recognized so you have measurable results at the end (whether its weight, health issues, acne etc.)

BEFORE: Stock up your pantry/fridge with compliant staple items. You want to be fully prepared before you even start that way your set up for success. Things I recommend always having on hand: Chomps sticks, RX bars (for emergencies), this mayo, this salad dressing. Have plenty of eggs, meat and veggies on hand too.

BEFORE: This one can be hard, but try and find someone to do this with you. Thankfully my husband did it with me, so I never had to sit and watch him eat cake while I was eating a handful of almonds.

DURING: MEAL PREP!!!!! Prepare your meals ahead of time, that way there’s no room for error. The main reason I cheated was because I wasn’t prepared, and had NO snacks on me (hunger always wins, you guys.) I used this company Real Plans in the beginning to come up with meal ideas, but stopped using it after a week or two because 1) I didn’t have time to be cooking so much, and 2) I found that it was easier for me to just make a bunch of stuff ahead of time, and mix and match what I wanted each day.

DURING: Get involved. Theres a HUGE community of whole30 people who are starting the SAME day you are.. find them on the forums on the website. Get involved and post some successes your having, and ask for help where you need it. Everyone in my forum was SUPER supportive- and they also understand how you’re feeling. Also, follow them on instagram @whole30 @whole30approved and @whole30recipes

AFTER: Come up with a re-introduction plan. Start slow. There’s a whole section on their website about how to re-introduce foods into your diet to see if you react to them. Don’t just jump back to your old ways because then what was the point?

Alright.. so it wasn’t exactly a 10 page post.. but It was pretty long.. so if you’ve stuck around this long then I applaud you. I really could go on for much longer because I’ve become pretty passionate about it- but forreal…

If you have ANY questions/concerns.. whatever.. please either leave me a comment.. or DM me on instagram.

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