Increase your effort, to reach your goals.

Okay so first off…. I have to tell you guys I had the BEST dinner ever last night. My hub brought home some steaks, we fried up some potatoes in bacon fat (if you haven’t done this yet.. stop what your doing right now.. yes RIGHT NOW, and go try this!) sauteed some mushrooms in ghee, and had spinach salad with oil and vinegar. Literally this meal took us 20 minutes from start to finish and was better than eating out. Another positive outcome from doing whole30 is we have become super efficient at cooking delicious, healthy meals.

What I really came here today for, was to talk to you all about effort. As a personal trainer, I see it all the time with my clients and even with my friends and family. People will set a goal, or say that they want to do something (whether thats lose weight, lift heavier, whatever it is) and they’ll half ass it.. and then when they don’t achieve it.. they lessen their goal to meet their effort level. “Well I tried, and I only lost 5lbs instead of 15.. so that’ll have to be good enough for now.”

Instead of DECREASING your goal… I challenge you to INCREASE your effort.

Why do we give up so easily? It varies person to person.. sometimes you just don’t want it bad enough, sometimes you just don’t know what it TRULY takes to achieve your goal, sometimes your goals may be scary. But don’t give up on them.. work hard for them. Because remember… the results you DIDN’T get, from the work you DIDN’T do- isn’t anyone’s fault but your own.

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