What I eat in a day, post-whole30

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week is crawwwwling… probably because we go on my birthday trip next week so I just need it to be next Thursday already…. and it isn’t. I also haven’t been feeling super motivated to workout lately.. not sure whats up with that- but I’m trying to listen to my body and either take a rest day when I need it- or push through my slump and just do it. I’ve become pretty good at deciphering the difference between when my body/mind/muscles truly need a break from working out, or when I’m just feeling lazy and should do SOMETHING regardless.

I’ve gotten a BUNCH of dm’s/texts about my whole30 experience and ways for people to get started.. so I’m SUPER excited that sharing my experience has encouraged people to look into it/try it out for themselves, and as always– if you have ANY questions or need guidance, I’m here.

I thought I’d share what and when I eat in a typical day post-whole30. I’m still trying to eat whole30-ish to keep monitoring my hormones (and also because I just feel so dang good eating this way, so why mess it up…right?!) So these meals aren’t all going to be 100% compliant or follow the exact template of whole30 but they could be a good basic idea for anyone either on a strict whole30 or someone who just wants a new meal to mix into their routine.

Breakfast (6:30): 3 eggs over medium, some left over yellow squash, and some sliced Yukon potatoes that we fry up in either olive or coconut oil.

Pre-workout(9-ish): 1/2 a banana with a Justin’s almond butter packet

Post workout(10:30ish): chomps stick, and 1 Sprout sweet potato/apple baby food pouch (don’t knock it til ya try it.. and you also cant beat the convenience of them for a fast-digesting carb source.)

Lunch(1): Left over butcher box steak, cauliflower rice, sauteed zucchini, spinach salad with kalamata olives and bacon pieces with EVOO and balsamic vinegar. There’s fruit in the picture too but it wasn’t very good so I didn’t eat it.

Dinner(6): Ground beef mixed with guacamole, zucchini, and spring mix- with Siete Foods grain free lime chips crunched up (be careful with these chips.. they’re SERIOUSLY delicious, and SERIOUSLY addicting.)

I try not to have an after dinner snack if i’m full, or if I eat dinner past like 6pm… but sometimes I’ll snack on some cherries.. or I found these Hail Merry dark chocolate bites at Whole Foods that are TO DIE FOR. Their ingredients are amazing (organic maple syrup, coconut shreds, vanilla, dark coco, EVOO, water, and sea salt)  but they’re still a treat and I try not to eat them often.

*The timing for my pre/post workout always changes.. for example if I workout at 2pm.. then I skip my pre-workout snack and typically just use my lunch as my pre-workout, and then have my post workout at like 3:30**

I hope this gives you all some ideas!

**If your a whole30 alum, leave me a comment with some of your favorite post-whole30 meals!**


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