5 ways to get back on track, post-vacation.

Hello Monday! Happy to see ya! No for real.. i’m actually really happy its Monday. I had the BEST time on vacation (i’ll do a recap post this week) but as much as I loved the “island life” and the relaxation that comes with having no plans… I’m a “routine” girl at heart. I love my weekly routine and getting back into the swing of things is just what I need after 4 days of vacay.

Last week, I did a post on 5 ways to STAY on track while on vacation… and now I want to share 5 ways to get BACK on track after vacation, if you found that you wandered off your game plan a little bit.

  1. DONT STRESS ABOUT IT!!! They call it a vacation for a reason… so if you had a great time, made some amazing memories and enjoyed everything you ate, then don’t sweat it! Plus, not for nothin’ but stress increases your cortisol levels, and cortisol causes you to hold onto fat rather then burn it…. so literally, don’t stress about it!
  2. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! Drink a TON of water, post vacation goodies. Okay.. not really a ton.. but shoot for at least 3 liters if you’re a guy, and 2.2 liters if you’re a girl. Water flushes out all of those unwanted vacation toxins from your body. Also, if you’re dehydrated.. you’re body sends a “hunger” cue.. so if you start feeling hungry, before eating something CHUG some water and wait a little bit to see if that hunger remains.
  3. GET BACK TO YOUR ROUTINE. This one is important, especially for me. The second I’m able to unpack everything, I get to the grocery store and get enough meat/veggies etc. for lunches to bring to work, and to make for dinners. If I DON’T do this.. then on Monday morning i’m SCRAMBLING to come up with something healthy to bring to work.. and if I dont have anything, then I usually end up reaching for whatever I can find (hunger always wins.)
  4. SWEAT IT OUT. Get to the gym, go for a run/walk, whatever it is that gets you up and moving– DO THAT!
  5. CHOOSE YOUR WORDS CAREFULLY. This one is important, and its something that not many people would think of. Rather than coming back from vacation and saying “ughhh… now I have to go back on my DIET” say “I had a GREAT vacation, but now back to my normal lifestyle.” We have to be gentle with ourselves, and allow us to have the freedom to enjoy family vacations- and all of the food and drinks that they entail, while also knowing that we can come back, and get right back on track.

You aren’t going to undo all of your progress on ONE vacation, if you are mindful (see my tips here) and get right back to your goals when you return. So for me, my bags were packed last night, my workout is planned, and I’m ready to get back to it!!!

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