What I ate in a day, while traveling.

Yikes. Today is off to a rough start.. I forgot to set my alarms last night so I didn’t get up until 5:50- leaving me only 10 minutes before Harper woke up to get changed, pack my gym bag, do my hair/makeup and most importantly— make my coffee. I hate feeling rushed in the morning. Deep breath Alexa…

Anyways.. I wanted to share with you all what I ate in a day while traveling up to Anna Maria Island and how I kept it Whole 30 ISH. Emphasis on that “ish.”

Before we left in the morning, I had 3 over medium eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, and some sliced sweet potato cooked in the same pan.

While on the road- I brought some of my Simple Mills banana bread muffins, chomps sticks, and rx bars in case I got hungry. I ended up having one small muffin.

When we got to the island, We went to this fun restaurant called the Ugly Grouper and I got a plain burger with no bun, and some sweet potato fries.

For dinner (which was on my birthday) we went to a nice restaurant on the water, we got the coconut shrimp appetizer (I think I had 2 shrimp) and I ordered blackened grouper with a vegetable medley. Then of course, since it was my birthday after all I got the chocolate cake (which actually wasn’t very good so I only had a couple bites) but my mom got the vanilla coconut cake and I had some of hers because it was wayyy better than mine.

What it really comes down to, is preparation.

I knew I was going to have dessert for my birthday so I wanted to be on point with my meals throughout the day. I tried to have this approach every day on my trip- always allowing myself a treat (donuts and dairy-free ice cream on the other days) but kept my 3 main meals normal and healthy so I didn’t feel too terrible about indulging.

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