Birthday Vacation Wrap Up

You know what can take a perfectly good Friday and turn it to absolute shit? A monsoon. And with that monsoon– trying to load 2 big gym bags into your car, and buckle your toddler into her car seat all while being completely dumped on. If you live in Naples then you know what I’m talking about… the roads were absolutely flooded– there was a Maserati stalled out right outside of my work because the water was up to his hood. Shit sucks bro… I don’t feel too bad for him though, if I was going to stall out in my car I’d rather be sitting in a Maserati.

You know what didn’t suck? My birthday vacation. You’re all probably sick of hearing about it/seeing pictures of it but I don’t care. If you ARE sick of it then you can rejoice- this is my final birthday/vacay post!! I just want to share some of the places we went to/things we did so that if you ever are looking for a place to get a little vacation in, you can consider Anna Maria Island because it is the CUTEST.

Restaurants we went to:

The Ugly Grouper. This is a fun little “dive bar” that’s the epitome of AMI. Its mostly all outdoors, theres always live music playing, corn hole to play, and lots of room for kiddos to run around. I got the burger and sweet potato fries but they also have things like mahi sandwiches, quesadillas etc.

The Beach House Restaurant. This was where we went for my birthday dinner. If you can, sit outside because its RIGHT on the ocean and when the sun starts to sink its BEAUTIFUL. We sat inside because I have a crazy toddler who wont sit still and cost us $50 in random gift shop items. I got the blackened grouper and veggie medley (and cake duh) The seafood there is awesome but they also have steak/chicken etc. If you get desert get either the cheesecake or the coconut cake.

J Burns Pizza: we got takeout but it was really good! Everyone split  a meat lovers, and a pepperoni, but I got my own small pizza with no cheese, green peppers, sausage, black olives and mushrooms and it was great!

The Donut Experiment: I could literally go on about this place forever. It’s hard to only go here ONCE on your trip.. basically all the donuts are vanilla cake, but you fill out a sheet where you mix and match the icing flavors with the toppings you want.. the donuts come RIGHT out of the oven and they start to ice them so they’re warm, a little crunchy and simply deliciousssss. My game plan was to just have ONE donut but who the heck was I trying to fool? Not sure but I definitely had two and have NO regrets. I had one with vanilla icing and fruity pebbles (because I’m still a 5 year old at heart) and then one with chocolate icing and chocolate chips.

Poppo’s Taqueria: This is kind of like the chipotle of AMI because there aren’t any chains on the island. The food was good but the service sucked.. we went in with 7 different orders and they seemed SO annoyed that they actually had to work…

Things to do:

DEFINITELY rent a golf cart if you can afford to. The island is only like 7 miles long and theres so many places along the way to stop at; cute little boutique stores (Pink and Navy is my fav) touristy shops, ice cream shops etc.. and to get in and out of the car so often is such a pain. Plus its super fun to cruise around with the wind in your hair. Harper LOVED it. (* if you have a young child you have to install your car seat into the golf cart or you’ll get pulled over within 7 minutes of driving around and escorted back to your condo… don’t ask how I know….)

The beach- there’s TONS of beach access roads, big public parks etc so you have no shortage of options when it comes to the beach. The pier is cool (there’s no guardrail though so be careful) with a cute restaurant at the end)

This place is literally the cutest little place that isn’t too far away from us, but makes us feel like we are in the keys. Its kind of like a little secret that not too many people know about. I hope that if you guys get the opportunity to go check it out, that you do!

Have any of you been to AMI before? I’d love to hear about other places/things to do for when we go next summer!!


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