Psyching myself up for Whole30 Round 2.

Welcome back, friends! I hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was full of rain, and quality time with my Harper girl since Stephen was in Chicago for a bachelor party. All this rain with a busy, active toddler makes it challenging but we had a blast! Saturday we did the Children’s Museum with friends, some shopping, and lots of playing with play-doh. Sunday we went to Bounce (the trampoline park) with some other friends, and finger paints at home!

So after finishing my first Whole 30 a couple of weeks ago, I’ve tried to keep it about 80-90% “whole30-ish” However,  i’ve learned a couple things like which foods are triggers for me to fall more “off track” (sweetened coffee, chips of any kind, and dried mango.) While all of those things are “allowed” in my life when Im not doing whole30.. they definitely make me crave/want other things that aren’t something I want to include in my daily life. I also can’t only have a couple chips and put the bag away… I eat the whole damn bag.

So the people at Whole30 are doing a HUGE September round, where everyone will be starting together on September 1st. Having a big support system while doing Whole30 is extremely important (Stephen will be doing it with me again too.) I’m hoping that this time around will be a little bit easier since we’ve kept it pretty close to whats allowed, but I also realize it will be tough because I’ve been enjoying things like Siete Foods chips, and Simple Mills muffins etc.

Some of my goals for round 2 are: Only one cup of coffee a day (ouch..) Trying a new recipe/or brand once a week– which I will share with you guys– and not having pizza on day 12 (haha..)

Who wants to do it with me?! I’d love to have more people along for the ride, even if it’s your first time! Lets do thisssss!!!!!


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