My August Favorites

Hey there! So I wanted to start doing these monthly “favorites” posts. I find that there’s so many things I get into or love, that I would bombard you guys with posts 5x a week to fit them all in with my regularly scheduled stuff. So rather than be all up in your face with blog posts I thought I’d be nice (your welcome) and just do one monthly wrap up– not all of these will be fitness related fyi.. why? Because fitness is a big PART of my life.. but isn’t my whole life.

These workout pants. The “fast and free 7/8 tight.” So as some of you may know, I worked for lululemon for 3 years.. so I may be a bit biased.. but I think their gear is the best around. The quality completely makes the price point worth it. I still have stuff in perfect condition that I got when I first worked there. These pants are the best that I’ve ever had from lululemon. They are the lightest pants you’ll ever sweat in (they remind me of a balloon material.) They’re high rise and have pockets…… enough said.

This eyebrow dip/brush combo. Eyebrows are everything you guys… they are total focal points of your face and should frame them accordingly. It took me YEARS to figure out that the “sperm” brow is just not cute.. so once I started filling them in it totally changed my face. Is it annoying to have to draw in your eyebrows every day you ask?– Why yes.. yes it is. But I don’t have the money to drop $500 on microblading, and also don’t want to have sperm brows- so I found this amazing product that is waterproof and can last up to three days without smudging or wearing off.

Butcher Box. I found this meat-delivery company through my Whole30 experience and am SO glad. All of their meat (beef pork and chicken) is 100% grass-fed and 100% grass-finished, and their chicken is free range organic. They also support small farms from all over which is pretty cool. Best part? It’s delivered right to your door. No navigating the insanity of Whole Foods parking lots just to get some quality chicken for dinner.

Pilates. I mentioned in a previous post that I started feeling like I needed to be a little kinder to my body, and switch up the constant pounding from my HIIT/weights style of training. I’m absolutely obsessed with pilates… I feel 5 inches taller when I’m done, and it is such a great combination of stretching and strengthening. I try to do it once a week (maybe twice if I have time.) It’s been really fun for me to try something new that I have absolutely NO idea what i’m doing– it’s very humbling to think you’re a pretty strong person and you can’t even lift yourself up like your 65 year old instructor…

Slides. My mom told me recently “slides are the new sandals.” It took me a while to jump on board this train because I used to HATEEEE those old Adidas/nike athletic slide on sandals.. you know- the black ones with the little needle things on the soles? Ugh. Hated them with a passion.. so to hear/see that slides were back in style I was really fighting it hard.. But then I saw some cute ones that I didn’t want to throw in to my garbage disposal, and thought I’d give it a shot….. andddd now I have 3 pairs of them and am kind of obsessed. They’re so easy to just slide on (hah.. see what I did there?) and make any outfit a little more stylish-casual dresses.. jean shorts and a tee etc. I got a couple pairs on clearance at DSW recently.


I hope you guys enjoyed the first one of these monthly favorites posts!! What are you guys absolutely LOVING this month?!!




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