Hurricane Irma, Las Vegas.. and how to stay positive through it all.

So I had this ENTIRE post written up about Hurricane Irma, and how much it sucked.. but then waking up this morning to the news about Las Vegas.. my “struggles” during those 12 days just seem incomparable and not worth talking about at all. So I deleted that post and now here we are. I don’t want to dwell on negative energy, so I won’t be writing any more about Las Vegas, or Irma.. or any of the other crazy sh*t going on in the world– there’s enough articles and Facebook talk out there already.

Lets instead try and focus on some positive stuff going on in our lives, right!? I encourage you to make a list of 5-10 things that you are grateful for RIGHT THIS SECOND! Seriously… get a scrap piece of paper- or whatever is closest.. a pen and start writing! I think that by doing this it will help re-focus you on what’s truly, inherently GOOD in your life and will make you appreciate things a little more. Here’s mine, and I hope that you share some of yours with me too!

  1. My daughter- and her health, safety and happiness
  2. My husband and our marriage
  3. My health, and the ability to wake up every day and move/exercise
  4. My family, near/far
  5. My career/job that I LOVE
  6. My daughter’s daycare providers that have become like family and I love dearly
  7. My faith that is still learning/evolving
  8. My circle of friends, that is small but loving and supportive
  9. My two dogs, that drive me nuts but at the end of the day, I love ’em.
  10. All of the opportunities afforded to me every single day- big or small.

So grab that pen and paper and write some things down.. I promise you that with all of the negativity in our world today and every day.. this will help you feel good inside and smile 🙂 Welcome back to the blog every body… I’m glad to be back and I hope you guys are too!! Don’t forget to share your lists with me in the comments!



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