I’m pregnant! And it hasn’t been fun.

Don’t call it a comeback.. just call it a return from another long blog-break! I swear I had all good intentions of returning after the hurricane which basically swept away all of September. Yet here we are– November 23, Halloween and Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is upon us and here I am- finally ready to chat about whats been going on with me the last 3-4 months!

(cleaning up after Irma)

So. Rewinding a little bit… I had finished my first round of Whole30 in August, was maintaining a diet of about 80% paleo and feeling REALLY good. I wasn’t eating ANY dairy and little to no gluten/grains. So… then IRMA came.. and with it came a TON of stress eating. I tried to plan as best as possible by making SimpleMills muffins, buying Siete Foods chips, RX bars etc.. but some other stuff definitely snuck through the cracks. When I finally went back to work, my boss provided us with pizza for lunch, and having nothing else prepared, I had 2 pieces. Well later that night I got SO sick.. but I chalked it up to just not having had cheese/bread in a long time. The next day after work, I had the STRONGEST craving for sour cream and cheddar chips– strong enough to make me pull over at the closest gas station, grab a big bag and a cherry coke (cuz’ its the best….) and eat it in my car. Again, later that night… SO sick, but thinking it was because I was eating like an a**hole. Well the next day was Saturday… and as my husband was making coffee– the smell alone was enough to make me sick.. well THATTTT was the last straw. I LOVEE coffee so to be completely put off by the smell alone really pissed me off, and Stephen told me I needed to take a pregnancy test. I didn’t really think there was any way that I could be pregnant, but I had one in the bathroom so I did and…….. surprise! It was immediately positive.


(completely unaware I’m pregnant)

It was literally like the second I saw that positive sign, my body decided to completely crumble. I was SO SO nauseous all day long, couldn’t hold much food down– and the food that I was eating was basically chicken fingers and bagels..and was just completely exhausted. Well all of this while chasing a crazy toddler and working as a personal trainer teaching/taking classes all day was enough to make me go crazy. Well, enter week 8… I got this TERRIBLE rash all over my body that was like a combination of welts and hives and was so fricken itchy I couldn’t sleep, and no-one knew what it was.. it was the worst week ever. Once that finally went away– I got a crippling, soul crushing migraine for 48 hours while my husband was out of town, leaving me to fend for myself with Harper.

Honestly you guys… the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy were SO tough. I still tried to exercise 3-4 times a week, because I usually felt better afterwards.. sometimes I was able to complete a full spin class, sometimes I had to just relax and do something like pilates. I was taking tennis lessons 2x a week when I was feeling up to it, and doing light lifting. Finally after I hit the 12 week mark the nausea, vomiting, headaches… everything went away! I was back to my typical HIIT, heavy lifting, jogging, tennis etc.. It was the best week I had in 3 months and I was finally starting to feel like myself again.

Aaaaaaand then we went to the doctor for my 12 wk apt.

My 12 week appointment was something I was really looking forward to because you get to see a better ultrasound picture of the little nugget who makes being so sick worth it in the end, and luckily everything was picture perfect… however my doctor told me I have something called placenta previa.. and long story short, no more hard workouts. Im basically restricted to light walking, and sitting in the machines but not using anything heavy. You guys.. it feels like I just can’t catch a break.

As someone who relies so heavily on exercise for mental clarity, stress relief, physical aspects and not to mention.. my career– it is SO hard for me to not be able to do the things I’m used to/love doing. I totally understand that its for the health and safety of me and my baby and that is ALWAYS the ultimate goal… but it doesn’t take away from the fact that its just been dang hard.

I dont mean for this post to sound negative, or like I want a pity party. Thats not the case at all. I am SO excited to be expanding our family and know that “this too shall pass” but I just want to share my experience, and what I’ve been going through with you guys!

What are some of the craziest things you have been through/experienced while pregnant??! C’mon people… make me feel better about mine lol!

I will post other updates on products i’ve relied on, things I’ve avoided, bump updates etc!

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