A pregnant whole 30.

Congratulations! You’ve made it three days into the new year! That also means that I have made it 3 days into a whole30 while 5 months pregnant! I posted on my insta stories a week or so ago saying farewell to bagels and cream cheese because I was doing the January whole30 and I got several DM’s with people saying I was crazy… well yeah.. probably… but I wanted to explain why I am doing it.


From start to finish of my first Whole30

Back in July when I completed my first whole30, it was the best I’ve felt in a long time. I finally came to terms with my dairy intolerance, I lost 7 pounds, my skin was bright and clear, I was sleeping great, and my previously imbalance hormones became balanced again. I honestly think doing this round of whole30 is what enabled me to become pregnant again. Well, fast forward to September when I found out I was pregnant and was sick 24-7. I went from eating and feeling the best I had in years, to eating and feeling the worst in years. Total opposite ends of the spectrum. If I could even keep my food down, I was so nauseous that the only things I could eat were either carbs, or fried foods. I was eating like a truck driver… bagels, pizza, chicken fingers, fries… the works.

Unfortunately this phase of my pregnancy lasted way longer than my first and I continued to feel and eat like crap for the first 16 weeks. Once I started feeling better I had all intentions of going back to my previous ways of eating… but food is a powerful drug you guys.. its seriously a vicious cycle– once you get used to eating like crap, thats the stuff you continue craving. You all know the drill, right? Am I alone in that? Not only do you get used to eating like crap- but the convenience of that way of eating trumps the previous. Its way EASIER to just throw a pizza in the microwave oven, then it is to thaw, marinate and grill a chicken breast, sauté some veggies in a pan and assemble it all together. Well it took me until now (20 weeks pregnant) to realize that I don’t want to continue eating based off of convenience. Not to mention my skin is a wreck, I feel like crap and have been sleeping terribly.

I know that doing a whole30 round NOT pregnant is hard enough, so doing one 5 months pregnant is definitely going to be a challenge.. but i’m always up for a good challenge- especially when the results will benefit my health and the health of my little guy! I’m definitely going to need some support this time around (especially because we’re going to disney during week 1) so if any of you guys are doing the #Januarywhole30 or are whole 30 alum, please drop some encouragement in a comment! Also if you are doing the January round, and are new to the program and need advice/encouragement i’d love to help support you as well!!

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