Fitness Friday finds!

Happy first Friday of 2018 you guys! How long do you think that lasts by the way? First workout of 2018, first Friday, first weekend etc.. is it annoying or do we just embrace it? I say embrace it til it fades because Lord knows it will!!

Each Friday I want to share some of the things I find (mostly fitness related) that I think you guys will love. It could be equipment, clothes, shoes, new workouts etc.. so cheers to the FIRST FITNESS FRIDAY FINDS post of 2018 (I’m so annoying… sorry…)

First off… these Lululemon align pants are game changers… like they’ve seriously changed my life (and gals- if you’re pregnant… RUN don’t walk to your local store to grab a pair… or 4 like me!) they’re high waisted, soft like buttah and the absolute perfect length.

This stretching strap. My clients favorite part of their session with me tends to be the last 10 minutes when I manually stretch them.. I’m not offended though- a good stretch after a tough workout is the reward because it feels dang good and it’s beneficial for you! Unfortunately we don’t always have someone available to manually stretch you- so that’s where this strap comes in handy! You loop it around your foot and can pull your legs in any direction/range of motion your body allows!

This water bottle. We all know how important being hydrated is, so I’ll spare you my preaching… this bottle is sleek, comes in fun colors and keeps your water cold. The best part for me is that it’s thin/light enough to carry in your gym bag without totally weighing it down (like my yeti does– still love ya though, yeti!)

I hope these items help ya out if your looking for something new! If you have any requests for next Friday’s fitness find, leave me a comment!!!

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