How to deal with setbacks.

If you guys ever want to feel super hungover on a Monday without EVER having a sip of alcohol…. go to Disney for 4 days. Ooph. Stephen and I decided that we are definitely not Disney people, and if that makes me un-American than so-be-it. Anyways.. we were in Orlando because Stephen and his mom did the Goofy Challenge- which is running the half marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday– insanity that you pay good money for. So we did the runners expo and Magic Kingdom in freeeeezing temps on Friday, my mom came up on Saturday and we went shopping at Disney Springs, and then Harps and I headed back with my mom on Sunday while the two crazies did the full marathon. Overall we really did have a great time, but it will definitely be a LONG time before we head back to Disney.

I wanna chat a little bit about setbacks, and how to handle them. If you didn’t know, I had placenta previa for the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy, so I wasn’t able to exercise at all. Seriously.. at alllll -the risk was too high if I did. Some of you may not know me that well… but fitness isn’t just something that I do… its also a big part of who I am. Its gotten me through a lot of hard times, its gotten me to accomplish big goals, and its gotten me to the career of my dreams. Not only is fitness my physical outlet, its also a HUGE mental outlet for me. Its where I go/what I do when Im stressed, sad, happy, you name it. So to NOT be able to exercise was a HUGE blow to who I am as a person.

I’m not saying that I handled it WELL, but hindsight is 20/20 and now that I’ve been cleared to start my normal fitness routine again (hallelujah!) I can see some things that I did well, and some things that I should have considered.

First off…. this taught me to NEVER take for granted our physical bodies, what they are capable of and how we treat them. You guys, the human body can do amazing things and we should treat them as well as we can, every single day…. which leads me to my second observation….

Growing a healthy human is always the most important priority. Not that it was always easy to remember, but my babies health is more important than me going for a run, or lifting some weights.

One thing I would definitely suggest to you all, if your dealing with some sort of setback, or restriction in ANY way- not just fitness related… is to find a new outlet for the time being. Find something else that you can do to channel your energy and emotions. I didn’t do a very good job of this and found myself easily agitated more than normal and had a hard time sorting through my thoughts/feelings.

Change your perspective, and try and see it as an opportunity. Tougher than it seems. But I tried viewing this “exercise break” as an opportunity for my body to rest after exercising almost every day for years and years.

Recognize that you aren’t going to lose ALLLL of your fitness gains in one break. It may feel like it.. but you aren’t going to balloon up and lose every ounce of muscle on your body. I still only gained 5 pounds throughout my limitation and I’m pregnant.

Focus on nutrition. If you can’t exercise, find something that you can control and learn new ways to nourish your body in the mean time.

If you have been through a setback with your health/fitness.. or in any aspect of your life, how did you deal with it? Leave me a comment and let me know!!

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