Workout Wednesday.

You know whats NOT a good idea? Having a Cafe Americano (which after googling, i’ve learned is espresso) at 4pm when you typically go to bed at 9. Its currently 9:48pm on Tuesday night and I’m typing this about a mile a minute. If you’ve read any of my previous posts (if you haven’t… start now!) then you’ve probably caught on to the fact that my grammar and spelling isn’t always up to par… so keep your standards low for this post because the caffeine is apparently still flowing through my veins.

Now that I’m allowed to workout again (woop woop!) I’ve been focusing on a couple of things…

1) Taking it slow. Hard for me… but trying to realize that my fitness level is just not where it was 5 months ago, and thats okay.

2) Building some muscle back. I’ve only gained 5 pounds so far, but I know I lost a ton of muscle mass.. so if I can build up some strength back, I’ll be happy with that

Luckily, I have.. and have had the best trainer since I was about 15 years old who I FULLY trust to keep an eye out for me- to make sure I’m not over-exerting myself, or doing anything I shouldn’t be doing at 5.5 months pregnant. (Shoutout Derek!!) My doctor cleared me to do anything and everything that I was previously doing, as long as it still feels okay.. so if you’re newly pregnant, and are just now considering a new exercise routine… DEFINITELY consult your doctor first.

So here’s what I did today:

3×10 barbell back lunge (each leg)

3×10 barbell sumo squat

2×8 kb bulgarian split squats (each leg)

2×10 TRX pushups

3 set of db bicep curl 7’s (google it!)

3×10 TRX tricep extensions

This took me about 35-40 minutes (hello longgggg rest periods!) and I can already tell i’m going to be hurting tomorrow— but the good kind… ya know?

Try this out and let me know how you liked it!

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