Friday Fave: Put some PEP in your step


Okay so how clever is my title for this blog? PEP in your step… like for collagen PEPtides? Gosh. I dont know if I should be proud of myself or embarrassed. You tell me…

Anyways.. I’m sitting here RE-WRITING this post because somehow.. either I didnt save it, or it just disappeared… but any ways.. this Friday Faves post is actually going to be devoted to just one product. But I think you guys will benefit from it more, and from the amount of questions I got on instagram regarding what this product is/does etc.. it’s much needed.

Vital Proteins is a company that I had heard about from following other health and fitness bloggers but never paid much attention to until I did my first whole30. During my whole30 I became a lot more in tune with what ingredients were in certain foods that I used to eat… and all of a sudden my old protein shake wasn’t as appealing.

So… why collagen? Basically our bodies don’t produce enough collagen on its own, and collagen is super beneficial to us because its the building block for healthy nails, skin, hair and joints. Collagen aids with tendon and joint health, bone strength, increased athletic performance, improved digestion/gut health, and can even help you sleep better. Collagen helps restore skins moisture levels, so if you’re trying to get better skin like I am, its a definite plus!


The collagen peptides are completely odorless, and tasteless (no joke.. you cant tell any difference at all) which makes it SUPER easy to blend into anything. I usually put a scoop in my morning coffee or tea because its something i’m guaranteed to have every day so it’s easy to remember to throw it in there. You can also bake with it– just add it into your dry ingredients and voila! There’s also 20 grams of protein in a serving- with only one ingredient. One last little note– they come in single serving packets so you can travel with them! It came in super handy when we went to Disney last weekend.

I have truly, 100% noticed a huge difference in my joint health as well as how much faster my hair and nails have grown. This is a company thats doing such big things in the health food realm.. they offer SO many different products that I cant wait to try- especially their collagen creamer!

If you guys have any questions please leave it in the comments, and if you decide to give it a try- let me know how you like it!!!!

*Please note that this post may contain affiliate links for which I would receive a commission- to hopefully continue bringing you guys great posts with great content/products*

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