Friday Faves.

Happy Friday!! I was totally effed up all week since Monday was a holiday… but glad to see we all made it safely through the week. I got pretty exciting news the other day that Harper got into the preschool we wanted and she can start as early as 2 weeks from now! This is something that I know we are all ready for as a family, but makes me so nervous. We LOVE her daycare providers and they have become like family to us. We are so comfortable with them that changing up her ENTIRE routine freaks me out. I know there will definitely be an adjustment period for us all, but if any of you moms have tips/tricks to make the transition smoother I am ALLLLLLL ears!!


So get excited guys because this Friday faves features literally THEEE most comfortable shoes you will ever own in your entire life. No joke. Wanna feel like you’re floating all day? Try these shoes.

I’ve seen these adidas NMD‘s floating around social media for quite some time.. but I knew they were pretty pricy and i’ve NEVER been one to spend that much money on shoes. HOWEVERRRR, being a personal trainer and in sneakers 90% of the time I decided to try ’em out since I heard how comfortable they were. They’re literally like athletic-slippers. They are SOO fricken comfortable I can’t even stand it. I never want to take them off… I need like 10 more pairs to magically appear in my closet when I wake up tomorrow morning.. ya hear that adidas? 10 more!!

They’re great for lifting/walking/day-to-day wearing since they’re more of a flat-bottomed sneaker, but I wouldn’t do much plyometric work, or run in them at all. So if you’re in sneakers for the majority of your day, or just looking for a great lifting shoe– definitely check them out!

Here’s some other, less expensive- but equally a sneaker options I found while searching around online!

These rose gold nikes


These gray adidas


these fun bright nike running shoes

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