Work to love your work.

How is everyone’s Monday going so far?? I hope everyone’s football teams won last night (unless you’re a patriots fan.. then I always hope you lose.) Mondays are typically a little crazy for me.. I start my first client at 8am so I have to get myself and my kiddo ready and out the door by 6:45ish.. Sh*t can get a little crazy in the mornings but luckily I have a job I’m obsessed with so it’s not such a drag.

It didn’t always used to be that way. I used to be like most everyone else.. wake up to an alarm clock to get ready for a job you hate. Wonder what your even doing with your life as your driving in your car to punch in. Sitting at a desk to spend 8 hours doing meaningless work for someone else that you could really care less about.

So how did I make the switch to a career that I consider myself LUCKY to drive to every day? Well it wasn’t easy.. and it didn’t happen overnight. I worked a lot of jobs i hated, and tried a lot of different career paths until I finally found my way.

Luckily I have a super supportive husband who was there every step of the way, and encouraged me to get my personal training certification… but I still had to work my office job in the meantime. I was working full time at my local hospital, full time “mom-ing” and studying for hours after Harper went to bed at night. It.was.not.easy. But it was important to me. I just KNEW I couldn’t continue with what I was doing… I couldn’t keep dropping Harper off at daycare every day to do something I hated.

It took me about 7 months from the day I signed up for my course, to the day I passed my exam..but that day when I passed that test was one I’ll never forget. I knew that my life had just taken a different direction and i couldn’t have been more thrilled.

How I ended up with the job I have now, I truly don’t even know. I really feel that God has blessed me with this job– an amazing boss, coworkers and clients, and the opportunity to help people live a healthier life.. it really is a dream.

My suggestion to you all, if you’re feeling stuck.. but aren’t sure where to go. Take your time.. big changes don’t happen overnight. Sit down and really think about what makes you happy in life, what do you get LIT UP about doing/learning? Try new things.. I worked in restaurants, retail, real estate, the jewelry business and administration before figuring out how to turn my passion into my career. Map it out. Once you figure out what you really want.. write out your path to get there- what certifications do you need? What qualifications do you have to have? Finally, NEVER EVER EVER give up. Life is way too short to keep doing something you hate every single day of your life.

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