What motivates you to get going, and keep going?

What keeps you going through the week? What makes you guys continue to make healthy lifestyle choices day-in and day-out? Because it is NOT easy… I will never say that it’s easy. The EASY thing is grabbing McDonalds on the way home after a long day at work instead of cooking something healthy. The EASY choice is to put your feet up on the couch, instead of lacing up your sneakers to hit the gym. So what gets you to drive past the drive through? Or to grab your sneaks instead of your slippers?

For me… it isn’t always because I’m SUPER motivated. Honestly, (especially recently) I have been really lacking motivation. However, what I’m NOT lacking.. is dedication. Ive spent so much time over the last 10 years or so building habits that continually push me to make the healthier decision the majority of the time (keyword:MAJORITY.) If you guys are just starting out in your fitness/lifestyle journey- the beginning is the hardest. Those habits haven’t been built yet, so you are relying more on that motivation… that fire in your gut to get you to your goals. Are your goals written down? Do you have something tangible in mind that keeps you going? Maybe its losing a certain amount of weight, or maybe its fitting into a pair of jeans… maybe its something less aesthetic and more like living a healthier life for your children. Whatever it is.. write it down. Post it places that you will see several times a day so that when things get busy, you’ll make the hard choice and continue on your path to health/fitness.

Remember, you will always be glad that you got a workout in.. whether its 20 minutes of HIIT, a long run, or an hour lift session. And how often do you regret eating a healthy meal, versus feeling the guilt of indulging in something that may not have been worth it in the end?

This isn’t easy you guys….I’ve been there, but if you can gut it out for the first month or so, I PROMISE you that the habits will form, and the decision making process will become easier.

I want to support you all in this so please please, if you have ANY questions or need tips/advice on anything please leave me a comment or DM me on instagram. I’m not perfect but I’ve definitely been through it all (I think) I hope this post helps motivate you guys to either get started, or keep chugging along!!!

**Here is a link to a recipe thats been on repeat in my house lately- we double it and have leftovers for lunch for several days!
Check my instagram post today (@alexa_massie) for a fun workout idea!**

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