6 month pregnancy update, and what workouts i’ve been loving lately.

So I did a thing last week… I purchased my domain name! I dont know if y’all noticed but my website is now just alexamassie.com rather than @wordpress.com!! Might not be a huge deal to you all… but it is to me. I’m not a commitment-phob (duh, married with kids..) but for some reason, committing financially to this blog made me really nervous and took me over a year. So welcome to the OFFICIAL “What Alexa Likes” website! Woop Woop! Here’s to taking leaps of faith and believing in yourself/doing what you love!


So its been a while since I did a pregnancy update, so I thought I’d fill you in on foods i’ve been eating/products I’ve loved/workouts that I’ve been doing! So a quick little recap about my pregnancy so far:  Nauseous/sick for about 16 weeks straight, random terrible full-body rash for a week, migraines, and being diagnosed with placenta previa at week 12 which meant I couldn’t workout AT ALL until it went away when I was 20 weeks.Okay. so obviously this pregnancy has been awesome so far (ha!) Thank goodness I got cleared to exercise at week 20, because since then I had a terrible cold for a month, the flu, and an ear/sinus infection.

Always, enough of the debbi-downer stuff.. I’m officially 6 months pregnant (uh what is time?!) and finally feeling great! At my 5 month appointment little man was already a pound, and 12 inches long (big guy!) And I’ve gained about 8 pounds give or take.

Foods I’ve been eating:

So I tried to do a whole30 round while pregnant, but that lasted about 8 days. I’m someone who likes structure/rules so the IDEA of doing a strict whole30 while pregnant sounded great to me, but my reality was that I just wasn’t able to be that strict. I do still try and keep my meals about 75% whole30 ISH throughout the day, and the other 25% still relatively healthy but still indulging in some snacks/treats. A typical day for me looks like this: 2 pieces of toast with avocado and over medium eggs for breakfast, some strawberries/blueberries for a snack when I get to work, either a chomps bar(CODE ALEXAMASSIE for 10% off) or RX bar in between clients, lunch is usually either a big salad or sandwich– but can also be like pasta or something random.. Then i’ll snack on some plantain chips and hummus before I workout. And dinner is honestly a crap shoot.. sometimes its chicken and brussel sprouts, and sometimes its a big bowl of cinnamon toast crunch…

I’ve been loving la croix or any sparkling water when I crave carbonation, but I do have an occasional dr. pepper (shoot me.) And while I haven’t had many cravings,… burger-fi ALWAYS sounds like a great idea.

Products I’ve been using:

Im really trying to up my skin-care game lately.. I’ve neverrrrr used or done anything besides simply washing my face.. and I started noticing some discoloration around my chin, and dry spots.. so I decided I’m probably old enough to start taking better care of my skin. I’ve been using Philosophy PURE face wash,  then I put on Skinceuticals advanced pigment corrector, and then IT moisturizer cream. Within a week and a half I noticed my skin was more even-toned and just looked wayyy healthier.

I (very luckily) never got stretch marks with Harper, and to prevent them this pregnancy i’ve been using a combo of sweet almond oil, and cetaphil moisturizing cream. The sweet almond oil is a GREAT intensive moisturizer and smells great, so I just mix the two in my hand and slather it on– especially around my hips/belly/boobs.

I did a whole post on this, but I also really feel that taking collagen peptides has definitely helped my skin, and also my hair/nails and joint health

Workouts I’ve been doing:

So getting cleared to workout was the best news probably ever. My OB told me that I didn’t have any restrictions any more, and that whatever I was previously doing- I could continue doing as long as it still felt okay. Game on! I tried running, and physically felt fine, however this little guy is so low and hanging out on my bladder so I literally think I’m going to pee my pants the entire time so I haven’t really ran much since then. I immediately started my lifting routine up again- which is basically just a lot of barbell/smith/dumbbell/kb lunges, squats, dead lift variations, and for upper body i’ve focused a lot on using the TRX or light weight db’s.

At work I teach a full-body class twice a week so I’ve been doing it along with them each week but skipping the ab exercises. Some examples of what those classes look like here:


do this one tabata style (40 sec on, 20 off..4x)

I try to continue listening to my body, and if something doesnt feel right- i’ll skip it.. or I even have days where my lower back just is so tight that working out isn’t the best idea so I’ll skip a day. I workout atleast 3, usually 4 times a week and it just makes me feel good- mentally and physically.

This pregnancy has truly been 100% different than my first one, so it’s kind of thrown me for a loop.. but I am SO glad to finally be feeling good again. Now I just need time to SLOW THE EFF DOWN so we can get everything ready for this little guys arrival in May!!!

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