Share your struggles

Do you ever feel like you’re the only one? The only mom who gets impatient with her kids? The only wife who argues with her husband? The only friend who doesn’t stay in touch enough?

These feelings are absolutely normal, but can absolutely break us if we don’t share them with others. The more we let these thoughts of aloneness stew in our minds- the more we let them break us… the more isolated we feel, and the worse our personal image and self esteem can get.

It’s not hard to feel this way, especially with Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and twitter blasting perfectly-edited images of perfect marriages, perfect moms, and perfect friendships in our faces all day long. But please remember that those wives, moms and friends all have their own struggles. No one truly knows what goes on behind the camera lens.

I had coffee with a dear friend yesterday and it was some much needed time for me to reflect and realize that I (we) AREN’T alone in life’s daily struggles. I’m not the only mom to feel lost in how to parent a tantrum-throwing-two-year old. I’m not the only wife to wish i had more alone time with my husband. I’m not the only person to want to succeed in my career but not quite know how to get there yet.

You see, by sharing our struggles with others- whether you share them with friends, family or a professional.. you’re able to release the pressures your carrying of being “the only one.” You’re able to get off of the desert island that you sometimes put yourself on, and connect with others who feel the exact same way.

So connect. Connect with people who you can confide in and release the pressures of being perfect, because NO ONE is perfect. Not even that Instagram fitness family you see every day.

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