January check-in and February plans!


Happy February you beautiful people!!! I’ve seen this meme floating around instagram that says “January was a tough year but we made it” haha.. so true… right???  Well regardless of how January FELT… how did your January GO?? We all set some big goals for 2018, and 30 days in… how did you do??? Did you stick with it, or did you fall off your path a little bit?

Remember, that it doesn’t matter how many times you “fall off” but how many times you get back on. It doesn’t matter how perfect you TRY to be, because there are always going to be good days and bad days. Days where your workouts will SUCK, and days where you absolutely kill it in the gym. Days where you eat way too much, and days where your nutrition is on point. Days where you feel absolutely amazing about yourself and the work your putting in… and days where you question everything. You will always feel better about yourself if you pick yourself up on the hard days, and keep going- instead of quitting and continuing to feel lousy. Remember– everyone fails… but that doesn’t mean you have to BE a failure.

Okay so enough of the motivational speech… what are your plans for February?! Are you adjusting your goals/plans for 2018? Do you have any fun Valentines plans?? Let me know whats going on people!! We don’t have any BIG plans for this month besides trying to get our house ready/in order for Baby M. So I guess one of my goals for this month is to be more organized/clean!

I hope that you guys are setting yourselves up for a successful month number 2 of the new year!! I included some links below for some on sale fitness gear that I’ve had my eyes on lately!! Have a great first weekend of February!!

If I weren’t currently 6 months pregnant… I would already own this adorable crop top!!



You can never have too many hats for those days when you haven’t washed your hair in 5 days….

These black leggings by ALO are also on sale and the slits on the front/back make them super cute to transition from the gym to brunch!!


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