Embrace changes

This is a pretty special/emotional Monday for me you guys! It’s Harpers first day of pre school!!! When did my baby get so big?! I know she’s been in daycare for a long time but this is different… it’s completely different than he small, comfortable home environment that we are BOTH accustomed to.

I started thinking the other day if I was making the right choice by changing her school… breaking her (and my) routine and comfort zone. I realized that if I DIDNT make this change, I would only be holding her back. She is 100% ready for this opportunity to grow, and learn, and meet new friends and I need to embrace that. I can’t let my feelings of nervousness or discomfort, hold her back.

I’m sure that there will be a big adjustment period, and I’m nervous for many things for her (will she make new friends, will she take good naps, will she cry at drop off in the morning, will I cry at drop offs in the morning— ha!).. and so many more thoughts of nervousness. I know these may seem trivial but as her mom, I just want her to be comfortable at her new school.

A great volleyball coach of mine always asked me if I was nervous before a big game. I always said yes- and he always said “good… that means that it’s important to you.” Feelings of nervousness, uncertainty, and maybe even a little self-doubt mean that you are on the edge of a big change- something in your life that means something to you, something big.

So don’t let those feelings turn you away from making those big decisions… instead, chase them down.. follow them with all of your heart and rely on your strength to get you through.

I truly hope that this finds you in a time where you needed to read that. Because although it started as a message to you all, it truly was a message to me. Jeesh– And I got all of that from sending my kid to preschool… keep her and I in your thoughts as we navigate this first new, scary and exciting week!!!!

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