7 month update.

How 31 weeks has already gone by i’m not really sure.. so, to say i’m entering “freak out” mode is kind of an understatement. My to-do list just keeps getting longer and I cant believe that in about 2 short months i’ll be snuggling a little BOY!  Funny story… so the other night Boomer (our little dog) started barking and ran to the front door.. and Harper goes “LITTLE BROTHERS HERE!!!!!” I just think its so stinkin’ cute and funny that she honestly thinks that he’s going to walk in the front door one day!!

So far, the 7th month of this pregnancy has been the best one. No antibiotics, no ear infections.. sinus infections.. etc… I AM feeling pretty uncomfortable, and this little guy does the cha-cha slide in my belly from sun up to sun down. I had my 30 week appointment and found out I’m pretty anemic (not a shocker.. I always run low iron normally) so I’ve been supplementing with liquid iron- which kind of sucks because its pretty harsh on my stomach. I also have to get blood work done to check my thyroid levels because I’ve been losing a TON of hair lately which apparently isn’t so normal..

I had my baby sprinkle last weekend and it was SUCH a great day! It’s always so nice to feel so supported and surrounded by people who love you and your growing family.. we had it at a restaurant in the Naples Grande Hotel, which was such a beautiful location- the food was amazing, and we got so many special and thoughtful gifts and I’m truly so grateful!

As far as foods I’ve been craving/avoiding– id say nothings really changed. I do find that I am the MOST hungry and consume the majority of my calories from 7am-1pm and then I’m not as hungry the rest of the day. Sometimes for dinner i’m fine with a small bowl of cereal and piece of fruit. I’ve been OBSESSED with coconut water.. cant get enough of that stuff! This is the best kind I’ve tried so far.

Workouts have been pretty good so far this month! I’ve been able to run, walk, lift, and do my tabata class that I teach at work on Thursdays with little to no issues. I’ve been listening to my body and stopping if i feel uncomfortable, or taking an extra day off if I think its best. Sometimes the best thing you can do… is nothing! I’m totally excited for my workouts postpartum and have some pretty lofty goals that I’ll be sharing with you all soon!!

As month 7 wraps up… some of the things on my to-do list are: finish up his room (hang all decorations/curtains) wash all of the tiny, adorable little clothes and blankets etc.  Get our house cleaned, get Harper in a better sleep routine (this is crucial) and enjoy every single second with my little family of three before everything changes.

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