Hopes and fears of life with two kids.

Okay first off I’m literally writing this post on my phone while in chipotle. Living the dream right? So anyways.. I’ve just had a lot on my mind lately about becoming a mom of two, and how much Harpers little world is going to change soon so if you’ll let me, I’m just gunna ramble for a little bit.

Harper is at the MOST fun age ever. She is smart, witty, and seriously the funniest person I know. She’s my little bestie and it kind of breaks my heart that it’s not just going to be just her and I anymore.. I know all (or most) moms go through phases of these feelings while pregnant with a second or third child so I know I’m not alone in this. I have faith resting in that she is truly excited about her “baby brudder” coming- she tells everyone she meets that he’s in my belly (and then tries to lift up my shirt and show them.. uh no thanks Harps haha.) I also have faith in knowing how caring and loving she is towards EVERYONE. She really is a little care taker and loves being a “big helper.”

I guess a fear of mine is that she’s never going to remember the time when it was just her and I.. (aaaaand now I’m crying in my burrito bowl) but then i think about how i don’t really remember time with just my mom before my sister came and I was 5…. so I guess stories and pictures will have to fill her in when she’s older?

I’ve probably been spoiling her the last couple weeks and don’t plan on stopping to be honest…(I’m still sleeping with her in her bed, but her cuddles and waking up with her cute little face 2″ from mine are hard to stop doing) i know that obviously has to change soon but for now I’m just trying to soak it in before I can’t do it anymore.

Okay.. so. Some other things i think about: how do moms of two go out in public? Like who do you take out of the car first.. baby or toddler? Lol I know this seems silly, but the day to day stuff has me really baffled. I know I’ll figure it out and get a routine but for right now I’m seriously wondering about small things like that.

Also- the hospital. I’m putting together a Big Sister bag for Harper with a “present” from her brother and some fun activities for her to do while she’s visiting us but I’m terrified for when my mom has to take her back home after the visit on the first day. Any suggestions on this??

I have a lot more thoughts hopes and fears but honestly am now just emotional and this blog post isn’t coherent anyways so I’ll try and save the rest for another day. Thanks for enduring my rambles and If you have any suggestions to help us adjust I am ALLLL ears 🙂

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