Post Partum health and fitness goals.

Alright. First of all- I ALMOST want to apologize for my last post.. after re-reading it, its literally a big mess of words on a website haha… but after receiving a text from a good friend I realized that thats exactly what motherhood is sometimes; a big mess of thoughts that sometimes don’t make sense, sometimes they aren’t coherent sentences and sometimes leave you feeling more confused than you were before. So instead of apologizing, i’m just going to accept where I’m at in my own parenting journey- and then my previous post becomes a perfect example of that!

I posted on instagram recently about how I have decided to pretty much stop all exercise for the remainder of my pregnancy. Between crippling back and hip pain, feet and hands that have begun to swell, and a stint in the hospital with contractions due to dehydration.. i’d say that I’m making the best choice. Not that its an easy one… its actually still really hard, ESPECIALLY since I work in a gym and train others for a living. To have to teach my full body classes sitting down, and have my clients get their own weights is embarrassing for me but I just have to accept that for the next several weeks.

Now, that doesnt mean that I am throwing health and fitness to the curb. Not even a little. I’m still trying to make the best choices possible MOST of the time with what I’m eating (i’m currently somewhere between salmon and veggies and chick fil a but.. #balance) I’m super excited to be able to start working out again once I have this little guy so I put together a list of goals for my postpartum fitness journey:

Take the first 6 weeks before I’m cleared to really dial in on my nutrition. It is my goal to get back to a more whole foods based diet and less processed stuff. Not to say I’m going to do a whole30 right away but just be more conscious of the foods I’m eating.

Take daily walks. I felt really great post-partum with Harper and was able to take short walks/spend some time outside almost right away- and not only was it great for my body but it was great for my mind as well. So, as long as I’m feeling okay I’d love to do the same this time.

Once I’m cleared for exercise, I want to start getting back into my HIIT sessions and lifting program that I was doing before. In my head I’m imagining jumping right back into the squat rack and doing burpees, but realistically I know that wont happen. I did get a 2 week pass to a new HIIT style gym in town that I am super excited to try, I’ll get back to my training with Derek at Total Athletic Performance (he’s known me since I was a freshmen in high school so I feel most comfortable with him) and also doing home workouts when I just cant manage to get out of the house.

I want to run another race post baby. I relayed the Hooters Half Marathon when I was 4 months post Harper, and there’s a 10miler 5 months after I’ll have this guy that I’m planning on doing.

I want to get back to setting lifting PR’s but I think that I’m going to start from scratch and not focus on the numbers I used to get. Mentally I think that will be better for me.

I want to be able to do a pull up with no assistance. I’ve literally never been able to do one- and after my shoulder surgery several years ago I think I was just to scared to keep trying. This will be the year of the pull up.

I want to incorporate more yoga/pilates into my routine. I love love loveeeee HIIT style training, and lifting heavy weights.. but I’ve also realized over this past year that sometimes putting TOO much stress on your body can actually backfire and HALT your progress instead of push it forward.

With all of this, my BIGGEST goal is to give myself grace. I’m my harshest critic, and knowing where I was fitness-wise before I got pregnant can either be really motivating or really daunting… so I need to give myself grace, knowing that it will take time to get back to where I was.. but have faith that I will get there. Not be too hard on myself if I miss a workout, or cant last a full class etc. This is my biggest piece of advice to you all as well. Set goals.. BIG goals, ones that scare you– but give yourself grace along the way.

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