What I packed in my hospital bag.

So if you didn’t see my IG story– or skipped through it because it was crazy long (sorry ’bout that… no hard feelings here!) I’m just going to recap everything that I packed in my hospital bag! I had my 36 week appointment today and little guy is already 7lb 2oz and 18.5 inches long!! My doctor doesn’t want me to go more than 2 more weeks so we’re DEFINITELY in the home stretch you guys!! Thank goodness, because my back can’t handle anymore of this pain!

First off, I got the Belly Bandit Upsie Baby because my hip/back pain these last few weeks has been really bad. I was hesitant about spending the money on it just for a couple weeks but its been money well spent. I feel like he is literally going to just fall out some days, and the pressure is intense- then I put the belly bandit on and it relieves all of the pressure. It also has the most fantastic little pocket in the back for an ice/heat pack! Genius. I also went ahead and got the Original wrap for post partum– not to help “shrink my waist” or for weight loss– but just because I’m still expecting to have some hip and back pain as my hips go back to normal.

Okay.. as for the rest of the things i’m packing, i’ll try to just list them out and not ramble on and on to save you guys time!

Light weight robe. I got mine from Target

Medela nursing tank. Got mine from Target- love the stretchy material with built in cups!

Nursing bra. Also from Target (can you sense a trend here?)

Comfy sweat shorts. Mine are Calia by Carrie that I got on sale at Dicks. I mentioned in my IG story that I’m testing limits by getting them in light gray, so I have to accept the possibility that they might not be coming home from the hospital with me. Ya feel me?

Pajama set. The top has buttons so it’ll be super nursing friendly! Also from Target… #obsessed

**note I’m not bringing any long sweat pants– simply because I got really bad hot sweats after delivery last time and pants obviously didn’t help that. So I think shorts and then whatever blanket I have will be just fine**

Dwell and Slumber original caftan. Idk wtf a caftan is.. this is basically a mumu lol but its SO soft and can be worn to sleep but also you can make it cute for day time by knotting the bottom, or even a thin belt around the waist. It has snaps so its also pretty nursing friendly! Pretty excited about this– itll be cute to come home in!

Also packing flip flops for the shower and around the room, and comfortable slides.

For cosmetics: I got all travel sized things, shampoo, conditioner, soap.. a mini loofah, face wash, face wipes, q tips, toothbrush/paste, contact case/solution, my glasses.. a hair brush, hair ties, bobby pins etc.

Thayers witch hazel. Gals– trust me on this… you’ll want a big bottle of this…

Depends. Yep. You read that right– adult diapers. The hospital will provide you with mesh underwear and a really thick nasty pad that you will have to wear for several days to weeks after delivery. They’re bulky and uncomfortable– so I guess this is a thinner, more comfortable option that provides the same outcome.

For our little guy I packed a 5 piece set (jogger pants, onesie, sleeper, beanie and matching blanket) a sleeper, and one other onesie in size 3 months because who knows how large this child will be. I also got SMILO pacifiers- they’re better for little palates. Use code:  http://fbuy.me/iDKXI for 15% off and free shipping on orders more than $20!

Last time when we totally overpacked- I packed Stephen this huge bag full of TONS of snacks, games, magazines etc. All of which was a waste. The hospital cafeteria had tons of snack options and between that and visitors bringing food we didn’t need it. Also what was I thinking… that i’d be playing Go-Fish while in active labor? The only thing we used in his whole bag was his pajamas and phone chargers.

Things that you can consider bringing (but i’m not) your own towels for the shower *yeah the hospital ones are thin but for the one or two times you shower, you’ll be fine with a thin towel I promise*

Your own pillow/blanket. I never had a problem with the hospital pillows/blankets.. Again– keep in mind that you don’t know what kind of stains/spills will get on your own stuff so if you bring your own- accept that they might not be coming home with you the same as you brought them! Gross but true.

You don’t need to bring ANY diapers- the hospital provides them and you can take whatever you don’t use home! Also you don’t need to bring your pump.. idk why people think you’ll need it.. your milk probably wont even come in until you get home and you should wait several weeks to pump anyways unless you have a complication of some sort.

K. So I didn’t do the best job keeping this short but I hope it’s helpful!!!

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